#AdventureNme: What is adventure for you? (2)

Adventure and risk-taking are the main essence of my life. I believe in what Andre Gide said, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” This quote has been inspiration for me and allows me to take risks and clinch adventure. Right from roundabout route of my every day work schedule to hit the beach and tackle the sport of cricket, plan a road trip with buddies, or jump on a last minute flight to a destination unknown, there are endless possibilities of adventure waiting for me to be tackled. I never wait around for adventure to come to me. I take it as life is about discovery of joys by putting yourself out of the comfort zone to bring about things that you wouldn’t in general anticipate yourself to achieve, for me in easy words this defines adventure. In my point of view, without adventures our life would be just like an empty book. Sometimes I imagine a trip in the Amazonia jungles or travel into space or to just get into a travel mode without a map or walk with blind fold on. However, it is not essentially something hazardous. It could be something simple as well, like fighting with pillows with my nephew, for example. But the feeling itself is hard to be explained. It is like everyday food for our spirit.

My adventure was to enter college. It was with hard work and devotion that I thrived. This achievement was the conclusion of my academic life. My determination and ambitions brought me at the college building few years ago. I passed my exams and it was time for deserved rest. It was then when I realised that success comes with hard work and a little bit of talent. I have achieved this by myself. It was my dream and I never turned back on it. I never lost my way towards fulfilling my dream. I am super thrilled by risky financial ventures which are capable of making or breaking them. I dabble in the Stock Market, in Shares which can shoot up or zoom down without even the experts being able to forecast it. As I dream of turning into an entrepreneur, which means growing rich fast and I am ready to take the extreme risks involved in this. However I feel this adventure is only for the brave like me as I strongly believe in the age old proverb of ‘NO RISK, NO GAIN’.

To be adventurous does not mean only to be courageous physically all the time; it can be brave from heart. It means also not to forget what you have fought for and always to have fun with what you do. And most of all you must consider that it is not always obvious what the challenge you will face is or whether the consequence will alter your life or not.

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