#AdventureNme: What is adventure for you?

If anything gets me an instant adrenaline rush it is definitely the word ‘adventure’. An idea of getting high something never tried before is flawlessly unparalleled to almost everything in this world. I guess it is a very obvious desire for me to be adventure hungry. But when it comes to defining it, it turns difficult. The possibilities of dreaming to do the undone, walking out of that little cosy cove of mine (in general terms the comfort zone), where impossible excites me and the challenges wait to be tackled. It’s a chance to think up of that which creates a bubble of probable self-assurance in me to carry out a task that is pretty new or extraordinary. The fun in engaging in exploring the newness, the unusualness, and the awesomeness of an adventure makes me want to never grow older. But every phase or stage of time holds different fundamentals of adventure.  If you haven’t tasted the panic, the excitement, the ambitious burn up, the roaring keenness, the willingness to get damaged or risk it, then you haven’t known adventure for real. It’s simply the thoughts, the wishes, and the desires that enhances up the self-esteem and drugs me to feel highly stimulated. Well I am not talking about bungee jumping or climbing Mt. Everest or even fighting a bull, or going on a safari ride.

The word adventure itself has been the driving force to get me up stable in situations where I feel low. It has a charm of its own that makes me want to say “I can totally do this!” (I suggest you should try) It is a process of self-discovery into unknown wild spaces that you did not figure out about yourself until yet. To relate it to every stage in your life you come across to be difficult, helps into breaking down the internal barriers which we usually call anxiety, insecurity or depression. After every new idea of experimenting with me and things that I can do slowly eliminates the blockades one by one, until one day none will be left and I look forward to that. That relieves the way I can project those things to be actually done that seemed unfeasible once, the hope to try it keeps jumping inside my wide awake like a little child who just got a toy to play with. I take my life as an adventure, where I break out of the repetitiveness of my regular continuation and give buoyancy to myself to do the unlike! I never know, I might just make it take place.

Check out the full video here:

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