Join Ariel #ShareTheLoad to reduce gender prejudices in Gen Next! (2)

According to science, during the first stage of our pre-birth development, the basic female form was predominant in every human. Although we are conceived as a male or female, this is not settled until after first five to six weeks of fetal life. The signs of the differentiation started after this initial period inside the womb and later after arriving in the world. Since times immemorial, the world has set some pre-defined parameters for what a man can (should) do and what a woman needs to do. They expect a man to be strong by all means – physically, emotionally and financially; while the women are expected to be delicate, soft and support their male counterpart which includes doing the household chores. Males were just supposed to assist the family monetarily and get relieved of his duty.

The initial education and upbringing makes a lot of impact on a person’s life. How they will lead in their various role in the time to come. As I look back into my childhood I remember my father as the sole earning body of our nuclear family of six members, my parents and four siblings, extensively involved with his banking job and social development works. Yet he was concerned about every family member’s comfort. Household works of cleaning, washing and grocery was never a problem with handy servants, a driver and peon. Nevertheless, in order to make us learn how to get things done, he had instructed my mother to let us take care of our personal responsibility individually, under her guidance; which included washing our own clothes and ironing them irrespective of gender discrimination. His unequivocal objective was to make us a civilised and independent person who can live under extreme conditions.

The early days learning had helped me a lot at every stage of life, especially when I stepped out of my home to earn and find my own place in the society. Living alone in a studio apartment during those initial days, I didn’t find any problem doing my laundry even manually, which my other friends found it extremely difficult to handle. As time lapsed, I became habituated to do my own laundry that I didn’t find my clothes washed by someone else to be clean. Now it’s over ten years I have been using a washing machine to do my laundry, but now I am not limited to my own wardrobe. At times, I do it for the entire house: bed linens and curtains & covers almost everything; and I feel happy to #ShareTheLoad of my family.

Being single I do not have my own child in my family but I am committed to extending my learning to my Gen Next. Our society is built of our own perceptions and thinking. We pile the concrete foundation of our customs. It is the time we should change our discernment towards females. Our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are our backing at every step of life. It’s time we men should be their support.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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