Atheism – My new religion

Down through the periods of human history, there have been various civilizations, realms, traditions and people who have come and gone in the world. While some of these developments made extraordinary contributions to the progression of mankind, others have had practically zero effect. Archeological evidence found through the unearthing of holy places and sanctuaries around the globe, shows a large number of these missing social orders unmistakably had a few “sense of divine” in their affinity for embracing and creating different polytheistic conviction frameworks. In any case, the majority of these old civilizations were still unequipped for perceiving, recognizing and worshiping the one, genuine and eternal God. Atheism too fails to recognize and acknowledge the God.

Atheism is a lack of belief in gods or deities. It is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods per se. The ancient thoughts about atheism describe it as “a belief that there is no God.” Some people term it as ‘wickedness’, ‘sinfulness’, and other derogatory adjectives. Most atheists prefer to insist they embrace a system of “non-belief” as opposed to a “belief” system.

Atheism has to necessarily reject ‘theism’ which beliefs in at least one deity. These belief systems are mutually exclusive – just as an eternity with or without God would also be mutually exclusive. My belief is a bit different on the subject. No one is born atheist or theist. A newborn child doesn’t know anything about God. As they grow, the ‘fear’ of God is being fed in their mind. People use God to scare people around. We often listen “this is the right act and what you are doing is wrong, God will punish you”. Why would he punish me? And if he is the controller of the world and every act being done here, why on earth, I can do a wrong act?

Sometimes I feel as a victim of the world. My upbringing has been done in a religious Hindu family. ‘God fearing’ – as they say. The so-called ‘good deeds’ has been injected into my veins since I started growing up. It has been imbibed with my soul. I do worship all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I do not have an objection to people who believe in other religions. But over the years, everything I do has become a formality for me. I have my own reasons for it. No one ever had given me a satisfactory answer to my queries. I have read the Geeta, the Quran (though in bits and pieces); had read about Christianity too, but no religion significantly establishes all the whys. Every religion misguides in disguise.

My belief is simple:

  • God is an illusion.
  • It is a fictional character, created by powerful ancient human.
  • The epics have been written and rewritten to glorify these characters.
  • God is a medium to scare the people around and take advantage of them.
  • God is a tool to blame for people’s own doing (or as they say ‘misdoing’).
  • The existence of God is fed in our mind.
  • There is nothing called God.

And my questions are simpler:

  • Who is God? Who is the God of a newborn? (The God of which religion)
  • Why don’t animals have their God?
  • If there is any God, why there is suffering?
  • If one believes in multiple Gods which one is the best?
  • What is the reason he doesn’t employ any magic now as written in the books?
  • If there is any God why the evil does exists? Is he weak to eliminate it?
  • If the God runs the world why there is disparity is doing and misdoing?

Atheism holds a more obviously characterized position than “agnosticism”, which trusts we can’t know with any certainty whether God really exists. While agnosticism can sometimes include a certain search for God, it can also be the result of a sluggish moral conscience that remains indifferent to the ultimate question of why mankind exists at all. This is the reason in the ethical choices the non-believers make as they direct their lives, agnosticism is equivalent to practical atheism.

Yes, I am turning into an atheist.


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