Beard is the first sign of ‘physical growth’ in males. Physical growth because it is nowhere significantly related to the mental status of the person. It starts with the teenage and sometimes quite late. In some person, it doesn’t appear at all. Even though, they are men enough. People think the beard isn’t a sign of being masculine. So, most of the men shred it in order to appear well groomed. To some extent, the idea is to impress people in the surroundings, especially girls. People derive at such ideas mostly from the films, the film stars and the celebrities they follow. The way these celebrities look becomes the trend for their followers.

Beard not only changes one’s look, it also changes the overall personality. The way they look, the way they behave, the way they walk and the way they talk. The dynamics of beard also reflects their thinking. It gives a man a strong personality per se. The dense the beard, the deep the thought becomes. And perhaps the confidence level also grows with it.

Until late last year, I was not very keen to grow the beard. I do not recall any incidence when I had deliberately let my beard grow except twice when I fell ill for over a month. That was the time when my month old intense dark beard was largely praised but failed to inspire me enough to continue with that look. The gentle stubble of a week was enough for me to flaunt that casual look. All these years I was happy with my clean shaven self-acclaimed macho personality. It all started during the last week of December when I felt a strong urge to do all the things I have never done. I felt that at the age of sixty I would not like to regret things I have done and not the one I have not done. Hence, I started growing my facial hair. It’s over twelve weeks now and people say its so damn sexy.

For a confident person, the gap between the real self and the perceived one is not much. One should bridge the gap between the world and themselves. Believe in whatever you are and not focus much on getting consent. Nevertheless, for all those who still think a bearded look doesn’t look cool and does not give them a fair personality, think again. Some of the strongest people in the history (as well as in modern era) have given thought to the facial hair. From Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, Charles Darwin, Otto the Great, Che Guevara, King George V and Grigori Rasputin, every one of them had those bearded look. And they were more famous than most of the people among us aspire to be.


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