Coffee: 7 amazing occasions to drink

Coffee is not just a drink. Every cup of it has a distinct memory. Sometimes we drink it because we have a deep urge while other times we need it for a company. It helps you boost your zeal when you are feeling depressed and alone. It also gives you a high when you are with someone you admire. It is a connection of body and mind. A connection of spirits,In my last article on coffee, A Cup of Coffee, I have mentioned seven types of coffee drinkers. All those types are unique in themselves. Today, I feel the urge to discuss some amazing occasions when a cup of coffee brought a broad smile on my face.

Excitement: We live in a virtual world. We make friends over internet and phone. So, when such a friend with whom you have been talking to for months, calls for the first time and says, “hey, I am near your home” you can’t resist meeting that person and you ride twenty odd miles on a bike in 20 minutes to catch them at café. It happened to me a decade ago.

Craving: With attaining the maturity every one of us develops a specific taste for the things we like. When we don’t get the stuff of that particular taste our mind sends a refusal order to the body and you feel like you are bushed. After a two-day exhausting trip of Amritsar and Wagah Border with Punjabi kind of tea, our urge found a satisfaction at Café Coffee Day on highway mall near Jalandhar.

Reunion: An old friend is a real gem. Imagine going to accomplish a somewhat important work with a pre-occupied mind, you hit an old friend on the way. During those pleasant hours of the reunion, a cup of coffee at the nearby café bar lets you forget the world and takes you down to the memory lane. I have experienced this more than once for I value my relationships. What about you?

Gossip: Sometimes you don’t find some office work of your interest. It bores you, and you don’t find interested in doing so. During that moment, you feel tired, overloaded with work. You go to the office canteen for some refreshment. You meet your colleague near the coffee vending machine and the two of you start long office gossip. And the coffee becomes the witness.

Reading: Reading keeps our mind alive. Most of us read at night. We find those moments of slumber our very own when we connect with ourselves while reading a book and find the plot in sync with our life. In the back of the mind, we try replacing the character with us. We don’t want to leave the book but the eyes show its inability to read further. In those moments, a hot cup does the magic to continue our reading.

Waiting: No one likes waiting for someone or something. Still, at times, we are bound to, like waiting at the airport for the announcement of your flight or at railway platform flipping a fashion magazine. Unknowingly, you gulp numerous cup of coffee down your throat.

Rains: Everyone wants to enjoy the rain, get wet and sing-song along with its tune. Nothing matches more than a cup of coffee after such a nostalgic feel.

You may have your coffee on whatever occasion you like. It will always give you the wonderful taste and aroma for your taste bud. My Coffee is black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.


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