“Who am I?”

It’s the prototypical truth-seeking question which all great people of humanity have tried to answer. I’ll give it a try too.

I am a compulsive thinker – Libran, bibliophile, curious by nature, perseverant by choice, obsessed by music & life – and a new blogger. I like the weird surprises life throws at me and love to turn them around! 🙂

The ability to think and act upon our belief is what makes us different; but how many of us really make use of it? Life nowadays has made it difficult to catch some breath and time to think. If only we do so and reflect on the small things that life has to offer us, we would know how beautiful it is. Life has taught me a lot of lessons, and this blog is my attempt to rediscover on what life has offered me.

I am here to express my way of thinking, perspective, definitions, and thread of emotions I weave in my life; and to enjoy reading, knowing and learning from innumerable thoughts splashed by blogging souls all over the WordPress.

Everyone of your ‘likes’ are appreciated. What I’d love even better is to hear from you. Your comments, your feedback are welcome (unless you are a spambot). You can even rate the posts and reader’s comments.

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