Coffee: 7 amazing occasions to drink

Coffee is not just a drink. Every cup of it has a distinct memory. Sometimes we drink it because we have a deep urge while other times we need it for a company. It helps you boost your zeal when you are feeling depressed and alone. It also gives you a high when you are with someone you admire. It is a connection of body and mind. A connection of spirits,In my last article on coffee, A Cup of Coffee, I have mentioned seven types of coffee drinkers. All those types are unique in themselves. Today, I feel the urge to discuss some amazing occasions when a cup of coffee brought a broad smile on my face.

Excitement: We live in a virtual world. We make friends over internet and phone. So, when such a friend with whom you have been talking to for months, calls for the first time and says, “hey, I am near your home” you can’t resist meeting that person and you ride twenty odd miles on a bike in 20 minutes to catch them at café. It happened to me a decade ago.

Craving: With attaining the maturity every one of us develops a specific taste for the things we like. When we don’t get the stuff of that particular taste our mind sends a refusal order to the body and you feel like you are bushed. After a two-day exhausting trip of Amritsar and Wagah Border with Punjabi kind of tea, our urge found a satisfaction at Café Coffee Day on highway mall near Jalandhar.

Reunion: An old friend is a real gem. Imagine going to accomplish a somewhat important work with a pre-occupied mind, you hit an old friend on the way. During those pleasant hours of the reunion, a cup of coffee at the nearby café bar lets you forget the world and takes you down to the memory lane. I have experienced this more than once for I value my relationships. What about you?

Gossip: Sometimes you don’t find some office work of your interest. It bores you, and you don’t find interested in doing so. During that moment, you feel tired, overloaded with work. You go to the office canteen for some refreshment. You meet your colleague near the coffee vending machine and the two of you start long office gossip. And the coffee becomes the witness.

Reading: Reading keeps our mind alive. Most of us read at night. We find those moments of slumber our very own when we connect with ourselves while reading a book and find the plot in sync with our life. In the back of the mind, we try replacing the character with us. We don’t want to leave the book but the eyes show its inability to read further. In those moments, a hot cup does the magic to continue our reading.

Waiting: No one likes waiting for someone or something. Still, at times, we are bound to, like waiting at the airport for the announcement of your flight or at railway platform flipping a fashion magazine. Unknowingly, you gulp numerous cup of coffee down your throat.

Rains: Everyone wants to enjoy the rain, get wet and sing-song along with its tune. Nothing matches more than a cup of coffee after such a nostalgic feel.

You may have your coffee on whatever occasion you like. It will always give you the wonderful taste and aroma for your taste bud. My Coffee is black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.



Beard is the first sign of ‘physical growth’ in males. Physical growth because it is nowhere significantly related to the mental status of the person. It starts with the teenage and sometimes quite late. In some person, it doesn’t appear at all. Even though, they are men enough. People think the beard isn’t a sign of being masculine. So, most of the men shred it in order to appear well groomed. To some extent, the idea is to impress people in the surroundings, especially girls. People derive at such ideas mostly from the films, the film stars and the celebrities they follow. The way these celebrities look becomes the trend for their followers.

Beard not only changes one’s look, it also changes the overall personality. The way they look, the way they behave, the way they walk and the way they talk. The dynamics of beard also reflects their thinking. It gives a man a strong personality per se. The dense the beard, the deep the thought becomes. And perhaps the confidence level also grows with it.

Until late last year, I was not very keen to grow the beard. I do not recall any incidence when I had deliberately let my beard grow except twice when I fell ill for over a month. That was the time when my month old intense dark beard was largely praised but failed to inspire me enough to continue with that look. The gentle stubble of a week was enough for me to flaunt that casual look. All these years I was happy with my clean shaven self-acclaimed macho personality. It all started during the last week of December when I felt a strong urge to do all the things I have never done. I felt that at the age of sixty I would not like to regret things I have done and not the one I have not done. Hence, I started growing my facial hair. It’s over twelve weeks now and people say its so damn sexy.

For a confident person, the gap between the real self and the perceived one is not much. One should bridge the gap between the world and themselves. Believe in whatever you are and not focus much on getting consent. Nevertheless, for all those who still think a bearded look doesn’t look cool and does not give them a fair personality, think again. Some of the strongest people in the history (as well as in modern era) have given thought to the facial hair. From Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, Charles Darwin, Otto the Great, Che Guevara, King George V and Grigori Rasputin, every one of them had those bearded look. And they were more famous than most of the people among us aspire to be.

Atheism – My new religion

Down through the periods of human history, there have been various civilizations, realms, traditions and people who have come and gone in the world. While some of these developments made extraordinary contributions to the progression of mankind, others have had practically zero effect. Archeological evidence found through the unearthing of holy places and sanctuaries around the globe, shows a large number of these missing social orders unmistakably had a few “sense of divine” in their affinity for embracing and creating different polytheistic conviction frameworks. In any case, the majority of these old civilizations were still unequipped for perceiving, recognizing and worshiping the one, genuine and eternal God. Atheism too fails to recognize and acknowledge the God.

Atheism is a lack of belief in gods or deities. It is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods per se. The ancient thoughts about atheism describe it as “a belief that there is no God.” Some people term it as ‘wickedness’, ‘sinfulness’, and other derogatory adjectives. Most atheists prefer to insist they embrace a system of “non-belief” as opposed to a “belief” system.

Atheism has to necessarily reject ‘theism’ which beliefs in at least one deity. These belief systems are mutually exclusive – just as an eternity with or without God would also be mutually exclusive. My belief is a bit different on the subject. No one is born atheist or theist. A newborn child doesn’t know anything about God. As they grow, the ‘fear’ of God is being fed in their mind. People use God to scare people around. We often listen “this is the right act and what you are doing is wrong, God will punish you”. Why would he punish me? And if he is the controller of the world and every act being done here, why on earth, I can do a wrong act?

Sometimes I feel as a victim of the world. My upbringing has been done in a religious Hindu family. ‘God fearing’ – as they say. The so-called ‘good deeds’ has been injected into my veins since I started growing up. It has been imbibed with my soul. I do worship all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I do not have an objection to people who believe in other religions. But over the years, everything I do has become a formality for me. I have my own reasons for it. No one ever had given me a satisfactory answer to my queries. I have read the Geeta, the Quran (though in bits and pieces); had read about Christianity too, but no religion significantly establishes all the whys. Every religion misguides in disguise.

My belief is simple:

  • God is an illusion.
  • It is a fictional character, created by powerful ancient human.
  • The epics have been written and rewritten to glorify these characters.
  • God is a medium to scare the people around and take advantage of them.
  • God is a tool to blame for people’s own doing (or as they say ‘misdoing’).
  • The existence of God is fed in our mind.
  • There is nothing called God.

And my questions are simpler:

  • Who is God? Who is the God of a newborn? (The God of which religion)
  • Why don’t animals have their God?
  • If there is any God, why there is suffering?
  • If one believes in multiple Gods which one is the best?
  • What is the reason he doesn’t employ any magic now as written in the books?
  • If there is any God why the evil does exists? Is he weak to eliminate it?
  • If the God runs the world why there is disparity is doing and misdoing?

Atheism holds a more obviously characterized position than “agnosticism”, which trusts we can’t know with any certainty whether God really exists. While agnosticism can sometimes include a certain search for God, it can also be the result of a sluggish moral conscience that remains indifferent to the ultimate question of why mankind exists at all. This is the reason in the ethical choices the non-believers make as they direct their lives, agnosticism is equivalent to practical atheism.

Yes, I am turning into an atheist.

Women: The Inspiration

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
(Genesis 1:28)

The woman is the creator of the world. When God created woman, her primitive purpose was to mother the children. She has been uniquely designed and equipped to be a bearer and nurturer of life. On the other hand, any male creature, in any way, is not equipped to give birth or life. Life is associated with the intelligence, emotions and aesthetics of women only. Though today, science has the solution to almost everything we human can think of; yet we are far from nature. The art of life has been developed, practiced and preserved only by women since the evolution of life on earth.

Women are not only about giving birth, they are about imparting values to their children – both male and female. A female child is born with the same character as of her mother; plays multiple roles and live by them. She also combines them in a unique thread only she is capable of. Men too, play different roles through the life; but they are more associated with rational behavior than emotional. They lack that connection with the life until they find their own sphere to pay back to the world.

In my personal opinion, every man is born twice. First, the day he comes out of the womb; and he takes a second birth the day he gains his own existence. I have been blessed with many women influencers in my life, right from goddesses to my own mother, teacher, sister, and friends. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would like to acknowledge my friend who inspired me to regain the joy of writing I had lost years before. I was a compulsive thinker. I used to write verses. But since I joined advertising, my writing became limited to creative brief, some headlines and brief articles for a few specific clients. Her belief in me encouraged me enough to touch base with my own reality and started uttering some words through this blog which is now over a year old and carries over 100 posts. Had she not been around I would not have thought of starting a blog all over again. Now, this ignited spark has given me the confidence to think of writing the fictional story too.

In Hindu mythology too, the female is said to be the quintessence of the universe, the one who creates all matter and comprehension, the eternal and infinite, the metaphysical and empirical reality, the soul of everything. Everyone needs a push of the feminine vitality in order to keep the world moving. On this Women’s Day, I urge all men to recognize that one woman who had changed your life even in the smallest way. They have sacrificed many times for us. Love them, respect them; and let’s acknowledge them today.

Recap 2015; Welcome 2016

The year 2015 has ended. We have started a New Year, 2016. Most of us have our resolutions ready for 2016. We are not sure whether they will get actualised or stay scribbled in our diary or mind. We plan every day and gain experience; – good and bad kind of and of some we actually don’t even bother about. Yet, I feel experience should always be appreciated.  It is a big step of learning.

For me, 2015 was a good year, mostly; exuberance all around. I imbibed the learning’s of 2014, and succeeded well barring a few exceptions. Whenever opportunity came knocking I left no stone untouched to make people smile along with the truth by my side.

Professionally I received appreciations from all quarters; clients, business associates, promoters and colleagues; I was accessed and had a financial growth.

The most remarkable incident personally has been starting this blog and this inculcated a new passion for blogging. I am now a blogger, a writer and an affiliate. This blog, NaughtAuthentic, won the title of Notable Newbie from BlogAdda, participated in Blog-A-Ton, Won WOW badges for Write over the weekend activity, endorsed brands for Blog Mint, participated and won contests on Indi Blogger.

Life showered a great deal of blessing in my relationships too. My bonding with my friends saw new heights. I was gifted t-shirts, perfumes, wallets and books. I partied hard through the year and I developed a new habit of exploring new places for the get-together. The finest was Hauz Khas Village.

This was my first year since 2001, I had spent the whole year in Delhi-  I drove 40,000 kilometres; drank thousands cups of coffee; added new clothes to my wardrobe; bought  a Dell notebook; attended wedding of a friend, watched only one movie – Piku in the theatre,  stopped watching TV, read 11 books and turned beardfella.

For 2016, I am not making any resolutions.  I have a target of playing a bigger role. It’s going to be a landmark year and I have aligned it with my ‘Mission2020’ and I am sure 2016 will add some immemorial achievements.

Wish everyone a great 2016 and Happy New Year!


Expression of Love

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The peck of blessings, the hug of care, the smile of affection
and the kiss of romance; all makes it sweeter
than it could ever be.

Chocolate is an emotion; an expression; an axiom.
It pronounces the undying feeling, without the phrase.

Every woman would vouch for such delightful gifts she had got
at the distinctive phase of life.

Her father gave it to the little princess; Brother to his lovely
doll.  A friend gave it to her with a tender smile to his gentle crush;
and her Prince to the charming Cinderella with
a kiss immemorial.

Wrap it in the paper or pack inside a box; it will speak only,
the language of love.

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