My sister is the special one

Yes! My sister is the special one and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I am glad to that I have got a prospect to talk about my sibling – my sister on the promising occasion of Rakshabandhan this year. If I had to pick one person that has loved me in a remarkable way, it would have to be my sister. She has always been there for me in every way possible. She is younger to me but has been my rock of support. She makes me feel loved because she enjoys hanging out with me on the weekends for the shopping, dinners and movies and we both are proud to be each other’s first best friend. I feel so happy when he asks me for my opinion on the smallest of the small matter such as what colour of dress would suit her, what type of hairdo should she have. Whenever I get in trouble she is always there to take up for me. She is someone that I confide in as well. I know that I can trust my sister’s love for me because she has always kept all my secrets within herself. I am so proud to say #MySiblingRocks. We have not one but many memories which made our childhood special. We have faced life’s problems together and we learnt to deal with problem together. We know each other better than anyone else. She behaves like a mother to me despite the fact that she is many years younger to me.  Not once but few days of the month, I return home very late from work, this is when waits for me and doesn’t sleep till I come back.  When I had met with an accident, my sister took care of me so well. She made sure I took my medicines and did my exercises on time and had proper food so that I recover soon and because of her I did start to walk on my own within a month’s time. We hardly had any cat fights with each other. She is a perfect daughter and sister. It’s not just she who depends on my advice; I too turn to her taking advices when I am perplexed about some matters of life. I wish good future for my sister and wish to be with her on every Rakshabandhan. Thank you dear sister, for all the prized reminiscences of our lives, which we have created as one. You are the best and I love you very much.

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Dil Ki Deal -2

A few years back I did something that seemed highly unlikely, I got myself a job miles away from my hometown. It was in Delhi, a city I wanted to live in. When I made the decision to move to Delhi, I wondered if it was possible to make my job a secured one. Initially, the logistics and distance made it seem like a mountain to climb, but once I made up my mind, nothing seemed impossible.

I started living all by myself; it taught me so many things. My expenses became minimal and I started saving for my future. It developed a sense of responsibility in me, earlier while living with family; I took a lot of things for granted. I enjoyed my life but at the end of the day when I came back from work, I lacked my family members especially my mother. I used to call my mother and siblings every night but I did miss having dinner with them, going out for shopping and spending some time talking and relaxing. I had to let go physical contact with almost every relationship that of a son, brother and friend.

My mother being my first friend, I always longed to hear her voice as she was sincerely interested in every mundane detail of my urban chaotic life. I always took her advice in every major decision(s) I made and I wanted her to be just a call away from me. Time passed on I got used to living alone and in the meantime technology got advanced and just a few weeks before my mother’s birthday, I decided to gift her something which would make both of us happy, that’s when I listened to my heart and gifted her a high end smart phone. I can never forget when I shifted to Delhi; my mother gave me her savings to me to buy a mobile phone as it was a basic necessity. Smart phone was my mother’s first mobile phone and I wanted it to be special.

My colleague introduced me to snapdeal and told me how happy he was with the products and delivery timing. I browsed through the website and found some nice deals/discounts and ordered a smart phone for my mother. To my belief the phone was delivered within one working day and my mother had no limit to her happiness receiving her birthday gift. Mom being a quick learner, it was quite easy for her to get to know the phone. The phone had pre installed few video calling apps and mom and me started video calling whenever we missed each other. She still thanks for the wonderful birthday surprise I gave her. I am very happy that I followed my heart and it brought a smile on my mother’s face.

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Dil ki deal story

I love surprises and my best friend knows well how to surprise me. This year not once but twice she did that. She sent me a Tommy Hilfiger Wallet a few days before Valentine’s Day and a hand written letter a few weeks later before fifth anniversary of our first meeting.

Every March and April I run very busy at work, with hardly any time to relax or to eat. I even worked on Sundays in these months. Suddenly at work it struck me that why don’t I reply to my best friend’s letter? I followed my heart. I wanted to make her feel special (as she made me feel). I wanted to do by words not by gifts. I pushed myself to paper and pen to write a poem for her. I felt it was a good way to show my affection towards her. I believe if written/composed correctly, a poem can bind a relationship forever.

I wrote a poem for my best friend. We have been friends for so long that I don’t even remember how many years have gone by. We’ve been through so much together and I know that whatever happens she’ll be the one person who will always be by my side! 🙂

Saw her over internet; met on the road;
Talked over the phone; proposed in the arms, unfold.
 In between, the high and low of life;
We rode the roller-coaster of our own scribe.

 Sometimes away; and mostly by my side;
She became my esprit, to energize.

 She liked my humor; I cherished her passion;
Whenever missed I’d kissed sans reason.
 The more we split our trust touched a new high;
I will love you, my best friend for the rest of my life!

I sent the poem to her the very next day. She called me up after she read the poem. The moment I heard her voice, I could make out that she was smiling. I know her so well that it was effortless for me to foresee her action. She was smiling and blushing throughout the phone conversation. She thanked me for writing a poem for her and suddenly there was a change in her voice, I could sense her eyes got filled with tears. She felt really special after reading the poem I sent her. It was something which she never expected. Just the way I treasure her letter, she treasures the poem written by me for her.

For me writing letters/notes/poems to my loved ones offer an experience that only my heart can understand. It makes me share my true feelings, sincere empathy, and zealous love, with deepest appreciation travelling from my heart through words.

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Saw her over the internet;
met on the road;
talked over the phone;
proposed in the arms, unfold.

In between, the high and low
of life;
we rode the roller-coaster
of our own scribe.

Sometimes away; and
mostly by my side;
she became my esprit,
to energize.

She liked my humour;
I cherished her passion;
whenever missed
I’d kissed sans reason.

The more we split
our trust touched a new high;
I’ll love you, my sweetheart
for the rest of my life!

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – VIII 

This post is dedicated to my beloved friend on the fifth anniversary of our first meeting!

The Gentle Animal

Eyes are one of the precious gifts to a mankind or every living being. For human eyes to see an object certain distance is required. To be precise, and as mentioned somewhere else, the minimum distance should be 15 centimetres. The man has to ensure just one thing – the 15-centimetre distance should be maintained in objects only. In relationship one should forget the distance and come as close as possible, so that one can’t see the evils in the person they love, the person they die for, the person with whom they share their feelings, their emotions, the first person they think of in the time of distress, without being selfish. And s/he gives you the most genuine advice. Prabhu has been such a person in my life.

Friendship with Prabhu takes me to the April of 1991. ‘Lollypop’ introduced me to him at the roof of my house in the darkness of load shedding era, for he too got admitted to the same college in eleventh and was alone in his group who braved to join the commerce stream. I never imagined this pajama-clad six feet tall, an introvert guy with thin hairs could become my bestie in the times to come. And today and every day I offer my thanks to God, whatever He does, does for our best; that’s different we aren’t wise enough to understand his doings. Prabhu is a diamond among other precious stones in my box of friends.

The golden days of college, we had spent together. Going to college, spending summer days playing carrom board at his home, evenings having samosas with most authentic mustard sauce at Sadhu’s Dhaba, attending tuition classes and sitting for joint studies till late night during exams. and watching movies first day first show. On those other days when our intellect scratched, we would attend quizzes, dramas, did social work under the banner of our own founded short-time NGO, discussed career, further studies etc. And after completing graduation, one fine day, Prabhu shifted to Delhi for his MBA in Marketing and HR.

After moving to Delhi Prabhu transformed into a great personality. Apart from a great dressing sense, he evolved himself like Siddhu. From a person of few words, he became a non-stop chatter and extremely social. Though being in many circles, he never falls for any bad habits.

Prabhu was a serious studious guy. During his MBA all his classmates were in ‘relationship’ and his young blood forced him to try to fall in love. So, the desperate Prabhu thought of proposing the soberest girl of his class. One blessed day he saw Jyoti writing something in his notepad in the empty classroom. Our guy gathered courage, find a place beside her and entered into a conversation: “Hi Jyoti, what’s up?”. “Writing a letter to my boyfriend” there came the reply. Boyfriend?! The second and last hope of the poor guy went into the drain. He first attempted to hand over a ‘love letter’ during teenage to his neighbour Swati and her lawyer grandfather called on him on Holi and taught him all the ‘rules’ of being a good neighbour. The grandpa was his father’s acquaintance, and he thought to give ‘aahuti’ (sacrifice) of Swati.

While I used to advice my other friends on ‘any’ matter, I looked up to Prabhu in my personal matters. So, when I shifted to Delhi he was an extremely good support. Despite his extremely busy schedule, we somehow find time to hang out late at night and have fun. Whenever we didn’t feel like cooking we used to call any of friend, neighbour and ask them to invite us for dinner. He commands such an excellent PR. The most suffered one of his such PR was his landlady.

But time flies at a greater speed than the jet. Prabhu got transferred at many places including Patna, Indore, Ranchi, Lucknow and Hyderabad for a brief period. Now he is in Patna having his share of fun with family, friends, fans and followers. After 24 years of friendship, he is still the same person: gentle, down to earth, amicable and loveable. Being with a personality like his is a bliss.

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! SEVEN
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.

The Chattintelligent!

Have you ever rediscovered a friend in someone? Or have you been acquaintance with someone for years and one fine day you felt your understanding; your bonding with the person is just perfect; without any expectations. The selfless friendship. Just for the sake of happiness, to spend those precious moments of conversation, sharing, accompanying, motivating and boosting morale. The true friendship begins on such note of selfless admiration. Respecting others’ opinion while placing your own without being judgemental. The opinions might differ, but the heart must speak the same language; the language of love, friendship.

Though I believe in not affixing an adjective to friend; yet the one whom we mention as ‘close friend’, in reality, is the only friend; rest all are either acquaintances or contacts. Aakash is such a close friend of mine. One of the oldest and finest gem. Initially, he was just a common friend; our friendship escalated after my return from Kolkata. Soon after final examination of graduation, all the guys within our circle left for further studies; only two of us were left in distance view.

During those days, Aakash was involved with proxy writing business of competitive exams. Since he was a brilliant student – an expert in English and aptitude test called reasoning – his so-called clients trusted him a lot. I personally advised him to try his luck too for a successful career, but he never paid heed to it. He always believed he is cut out for bigger things. Few of his clients joined different fields; like PO in PSU Banks, Officer in Railways and SSC etc.

We used to spend almost whole day together, gossiping, planning our future, engaged in doing some weird things, hanging out, and a lot many other things we thought could be fun at that point of time. Once on a summer afternoon, we decided to go to Nepal. Birganj was nearest Indo-Nepal border from Patna and people visit the place to buy foreign stuff which was not available in India then. We reserved our seats in a night bus, came back home and left after dinner in pyjamas and slippers – for we were to buy all the stuff like jeans, tees, shoes etc.; and since the cops would not allow carrying things beyond a certain amount we decided to wear all of them.

We appeared for our first interview together, at a five-star hotel, for the post of Medical Representative (MR) of a multi-national company. I made three mistakes in pronouncing the name of medicine, and eliminated in the second round while Aakash was selected and called for a third and final round to Varanasi. We went there together by 4:30 am train on a military discount pass he had arranged for both way journey. We visited Kashi Vishwanath and Sankat Mochan Temples and then in the second-half reached the interview spot. The return train was at 10:00 pm so we freaked out and exhausted all our energy. In the train, we didn’t have the berth, approached TTE who asked us to relax on his designated berth. The train moved and after an hour or so as we felt sleepy the giant-shaped gentleman appeared before us grinning, “bachcha log ab apne chachaa ko sone dijiye” [kids, let your uncle sleep now].  We fumed but were helpless to do anything.

Later, Akash completed his one-month training in Chennai and returned after the third day of job in Varanasi. We did our Amway business together; researched on advertising business; attended internship programme at a newly opened advertising agency in Delhi which I joined and he ditched. Aakash stayed there and tried his luck in a number of businesses and one fine day he called me from an unknown number. He was in Delhi. Then for over two months my schedule was to catch-up with him on my return journey from office, do gossip, have snacks, juices; stuffed ‘parathas’ for dinner at near IIT gate and took him along at my place, just to drop him in the morning on my way to the office. Later he moved with me and joined a job in BPO. He celebrated my birthday for three full months, till January.

There are innumerable things we did together at different stages of time. I advised him on many a thing in almost for all businesses he got himself involved with. Aakash was not an escape-goat to avoid them, but he was having compelling excuses for everything he would not intend to do. Still, whenever we touch base our conversation goes for as long as four hours. And that too over the phone!

The last discussion I had with him was his inclination of writing a book which I promised to promote. I am not sure how serious he was, yet there are an endless discussion, advises and planning we had done and could do together. His kind of expert comments and opinions are a never to miss kind of original form of creativity. However, I personally believe, he is wasting his talent by falling for moolah!!

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! SIX
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.

Multifarious personality

One should stand for something else they will fall for anything. Sajiv alias Duddu has been such a person. He took a stand for many a thing in life, yet fall for some frivolous thing which he felt was important during that span of time. He is a person who is proud of his being and lives life on his own terms. At some moment, such people might seem selfish but at the end, on close scrutiny, they somehow tend to be right. He knew where to be jovial, where to be grave; where to take things nonchalantly and where on stride.

Duduu is all about taking calculated risk. Once he left home at quite young age – I think just at 15 – and went to Benaras (Varanasi). That was the first time I saw tears in the eyes of his Police Superintendent father. I still remember when we asked him about Duddu’s well being his words were, “aaplog uske dost hain, aaplogon ko hi pata hoga kahan gaya hai” (you people are his friend, you must be knowing where he has gone). But Duddu never realises over any sentiments then. He came back only when he was left with no money with him. He didn’t feel shy in returning home as if it was his right, and why not he was the eldest child.

A kind of playboy, girls were after the life of my 6’3″ well built handsome friend. He too most of the time showed interest in them; not sure when it was infatuation and when he was actually in love. At least, I knew about his two serious affairs – one before his marriage, during graduation, and the other years after his marriage. I think that aspect of anyone’s life is too personal to touch without their consent. So, I am omitting them for now. His image of being a hot-cake among young girls wasn’t hidden from his parents. Once a friend named Bhanu called at his residence number. Duddu’s dad collected the call. As Bhanu asked about Duddu his dad answered, “why only Duddu?! I am also young, handsome, well built…” Bhanu hanged-up saying “stupid”. The fault was that Bhanu’s voice and style are like a typical girl; and he is a successful fashion designer now – an ideal profession for his kind of matching voice and style. Anyway!

Though Duddu was well built like a cop and son of an influential police officer yet he wasn’t a spoiled kid. He always use his brain and become the unsaid script writer of the actual drama of whatever – fight, love, affair, teasing. He would never advise if he isn’t getting anything out of it. A simple entertainment would have enough to satisfy his instinct.

Everyone plans many a thing, acts on few of them and proceeds with the one they succeed in. Duddu too washed his hands in many things including studies and earnings. He studied science, commerce, attempted for CA, CS and settled with a franchise business of computer education, involved in ‘betting’, got involved into the erection of mobile towers, and now into a full time building construction. Entrepreneur of our group. Whatever he does, he never hesitates to accept his ability and nothing did ever stop him from changing his thinking or act. And I believe a happy person is one who doesn’t falls for anything and everything; there should be a class too. And Duddu knew it very well.

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! FIVE
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.