A-Z Blogging Challenge 2016 – A Fortnight to Go

Naught Authentic

I started this blog Naught Authentic on 15 January 2015. I planned it well in advance towards the end of December 2014. The idea then was to give words to my thoughts. I guess I did it justifiably though I leave it to the readers of this blog how they find it. It was overall an exciting experience to find time for the passion of writing. And to keep that passion ongoing, I have taken up the 7th edition of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

When I was introduced to this challenge I was a bit skeptical in the absence of any knowledge about it. Many questions occupied my mind: What will I write, Is there any fixed theme or genre etc. The only thing I knew before signing was that I have to write a post on each alphabet; daily, except Sundays, through April. Writing a post daily was enough excitement for me as I will have to burn some midnight oil to make pace with the other co-bloggers.

The things became quite clear after signing and reading various posts on A to Z and the rules published there. Some discussion and encouragement by other blogger friend made it simpler for me and now I am feeling composed.

I have decided to give voice to some of my experience with random topics. No theme can bound a free flyer like me. It’s just a fortnight to go for and I have not freeze upon the topics yet but I am sure I will do it the way I have done it with my earlier writings. Deadlines excite me most. My plans for the challenge are not fixed whether I will write prose or verse, fiction or non-fiction, essay or travelogue or memoir, but whatever I will write for the challenge I have vowed to make it interesting for my readers.

I am eagerly waiting to make my April amazing. And hereby I request other bloggers if you still haven’t registered for the challenge, I insist go for it. Let’s explore our creative instinct through A-Z Blogging Challenge.

I am staking claim to A to Z Challenge along with Blogchatter community.

Wishing everyone all the best!


Join Ariel #ShareTheLoad to reduce gender prejudices in Gen Next! (2)

According to science, during the first stage of our pre-birth development, the basic female form was predominant in every human. Although we are conceived as a male or female, this is not settled until after first five to six weeks of fetal life. The signs of the differentiation started after this initial period inside the womb and later after arriving in the world. Since times immemorial, the world has set some pre-defined parameters for what a man can (should) do and what a woman needs to do. They expect a man to be strong by all means – physically, emotionally and financially; while the women are expected to be delicate, soft and support their male counterpart which includes doing the household chores. Males were just supposed to assist the family monetarily and get relieved of his duty.

The initial education and upbringing makes a lot of impact on a person’s life. How they will lead in their various role in the time to come. As I look back into my childhood I remember my father as the sole earning body of our nuclear family of six members, my parents and four siblings, extensively involved with his banking job and social development works. Yet he was concerned about every family member’s comfort. Household works of cleaning, washing and grocery was never a problem with handy servants, a driver and peon. Nevertheless, in order to make us learn how to get things done, he had instructed my mother to let us take care of our personal responsibility individually, under her guidance; which included washing our own clothes and ironing them irrespective of gender discrimination. His unequivocal objective was to make us a civilised and independent person who can live under extreme conditions.

The early days learning had helped me a lot at every stage of life, especially when I stepped out of my home to earn and find my own place in the society. Living alone in a studio apartment during those initial days, I didn’t find any problem doing my laundry even manually, which my other friends found it extremely difficult to handle. As time lapsed, I became habituated to do my own laundry that I didn’t find my clothes washed by someone else to be clean. Now it’s over ten years I have been using a washing machine to do my laundry, but now I am not limited to my own wardrobe. At times, I do it for the entire house: bed linens and curtains & covers almost everything; and I feel happy to #ShareTheLoad of my family.

Being single I do not have my own child in my family but I am committed to extending my learning to my Gen Next. Our society is built of our own perceptions and thinking. We pile the concrete foundation of our customs. It is the time we should change our discernment towards females. Our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are our backing at every step of life. It’s time we men should be their support.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Join Ariel #ShareTheLoad to reduce gender prejudices in Gen Next! – (1)

My family feels happy that I am a part of them.  On Sunday or whenever I am off from work I make a point to help my mother/sister in the household chores such as cooking and laundry.

We have children in family and I feel it is very important to take in household chores in the daily routine to one and all irrespective of their gender as children would learn watching us. I have colleagues who make differences between male and female and say that a girl has to learn how to clean and cook or how else will she live on after getting married?

I always ask them what if tomorrow their son grows up to have a working wife where he will be eating canned food or has his clothes unwashed for weeks together. How would their sons’ get along in such situation? All I get it malicious comments from them.

Being a man, I do my own laundry and I don’t depend on my sister to do it for me. From a young age I learnt about separating the whites from the coloured clothes, the delicate from the rough, the amount of detergent and the duration of the washing machine. I do not dislike the traditional way of washing clothes by using a bucket, before the machine I did wash my own laundry in this way.  Seeing me do the household chores whenever possible, especially laundry, my mom and sister teases me to be a professional in it.

Not many families are as fortunate as mine to have a man setting a good example of sharing the load at home. Many mothers and sisters often complain that their sons and brothers just sit while they clean up the mess in the house, wash the clothes, put them to dry, fold them and keep them in the cupboards. I am glad I have no such things to hear.

What interests me is that doing household work increases the sense of self-assurance and responsibility of everyone at home including children. Whenever my nephews are at home, I make sure they help me in the work. I am lucky that the kid’s don’t say NO and are very much interested in learning and giving a helping hand.

My nephew is growing up fast, instead of ordering him, I tell him let us do this together and I explain him that it is for the family that we are doing this not for ourselves. In the past as I lived alone, I have a habit of scheduling my time to devote to household chores and now though I live with my family, I still do the same and I am passing the same habit to the younger generation. I strongly feel there has to be a transfer in the distribution of housework between family members. Every house has only one of its kind states of affairs but there needs to be a fundamental understanding when it comes to doing household chores.

Seeing me do my own laundry and helping women of the house in kitchen, my nephew feels no shame in helping me which are stereotyped to be ‘women’s jobs’. Washing clothes is not just a mother’s job; I have been able to make kids of my house understand this. I do make them involve in household tasks which I try to turn into enjoyable and appealing so that they learn while having fun.

I advise every man to become a role model for his own children or for the children of the family by sharing the load.

Please see this video, how would you feel as a man when you imagine 20 years ahead from today, you see your daughter or daughter in law doing all the work while her husband or your son sitting idle or watching TV while the woman runs around managing the kitchen, kids, laundry and her office work? Would you feel happy about what you taught them? It’s not too late; you can start now to #ShareTheLoad.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Valentine’s day with Jabong

When it comes to shopping for my sweetheart, on Valentine’s Day, I don’t like settling for just flowers, chocolates or some shiny bling. She is someone who enjoys sleeping under the stars and never met a challenge she couldn’t handle.


Handbags are always a hot item during Valentine’s Day season. But how can I not gift one to that girl who loves her bags very much? Be it for her intense dinner look or casual meeting this red coloured handbag from Zoricane will certainly do justice to both. She can carry it on her wrist and look like a diva wherever she goes.


I want her to change her dressing style a bit for that I would gift her fashionable red skirt from Lemon Chillo. This pencil skirt can be wonderfully worked with a black coloured top by Riot Jeans which has a nice v cut neck to complete the look.



To add further, she goes bonkers over shoes. She has many but still I picked these black stilettos from Dorothy Perkins. The beautiful floral, lace pattern, would enhance her appeal instantly.


I have complied the gifts for my girl from Jabong’s Valentine’s Day gifts corner. For those who prefer to shop online, and skip the mall, this place is for all the Vday gift needs.

#AdventureNme: What is adventure for you? (2)

Adventure and risk-taking are the main essence of my life. I believe in what Andre Gide said, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” This quote has been inspiration for me and allows me to take risks and clinch adventure. Right from roundabout route of my every day work schedule to hit the beach and tackle the sport of cricket, plan a road trip with buddies, or jump on a last minute flight to a destination unknown, there are endless possibilities of adventure waiting for me to be tackled. I never wait around for adventure to come to me. I take it as life is about discovery of joys by putting yourself out of the comfort zone to bring about things that you wouldn’t in general anticipate yourself to achieve, for me in easy words this defines adventure. In my point of view, without adventures our life would be just like an empty book. Sometimes I imagine a trip in the Amazonia jungles or travel into space or to just get into a travel mode without a map or walk with blind fold on. However, it is not essentially something hazardous. It could be something simple as well, like fighting with pillows with my nephew, for example. But the feeling itself is hard to be explained. It is like everyday food for our spirit.

My adventure was to enter college. It was with hard work and devotion that I thrived. This achievement was the conclusion of my academic life. My determination and ambitions brought me at the college building few years ago. I passed my exams and it was time for deserved rest. It was then when I realised that success comes with hard work and a little bit of talent. I have achieved this by myself. It was my dream and I never turned back on it. I never lost my way towards fulfilling my dream. I am super thrilled by risky financial ventures which are capable of making or breaking them. I dabble in the Stock Market, in Shares which can shoot up or zoom down without even the experts being able to forecast it. As I dream of turning into an entrepreneur, which means growing rich fast and I am ready to take the extreme risks involved in this. However I feel this adventure is only for the brave like me as I strongly believe in the age old proverb of ‘NO RISK, NO GAIN’.

To be adventurous does not mean only to be courageous physically all the time; it can be brave from heart. It means also not to forget what you have fought for and always to have fun with what you do. And most of all you must consider that it is not always obvious what the challenge you will face is or whether the consequence will alter your life or not.

Check out the full video here:

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#AdventureNme: What is adventure for you?

If anything gets me an instant adrenaline rush it is definitely the word ‘adventure’. An idea of getting high something never tried before is flawlessly unparalleled to almost everything in this world. I guess it is a very obvious desire for me to be adventure hungry. But when it comes to defining it, it turns difficult. The possibilities of dreaming to do the undone, walking out of that little cosy cove of mine (in general terms the comfort zone), where impossible excites me and the challenges wait to be tackled. It’s a chance to think up of that which creates a bubble of probable self-assurance in me to carry out a task that is pretty new or extraordinary. The fun in engaging in exploring the newness, the unusualness, and the awesomeness of an adventure makes me want to never grow older. But every phase or stage of time holds different fundamentals of adventure.  If you haven’t tasted the panic, the excitement, the ambitious burn up, the roaring keenness, the willingness to get damaged or risk it, then you haven’t known adventure for real. It’s simply the thoughts, the wishes, and the desires that enhances up the self-esteem and drugs me to feel highly stimulated. Well I am not talking about bungee jumping or climbing Mt. Everest or even fighting a bull, or going on a safari ride.

The word adventure itself has been the driving force to get me up stable in situations where I feel low. It has a charm of its own that makes me want to say “I can totally do this!” (I suggest you should try) It is a process of self-discovery into unknown wild spaces that you did not figure out about yourself until yet. To relate it to every stage in your life you come across to be difficult, helps into breaking down the internal barriers which we usually call anxiety, insecurity or depression. After every new idea of experimenting with me and things that I can do slowly eliminates the blockades one by one, until one day none will be left and I look forward to that. That relieves the way I can project those things to be actually done that seemed unfeasible once, the hope to try it keeps jumping inside my wide awake like a little child who just got a toy to play with. I take my life as an adventure, where I break out of the repetitiveness of my regular continuation and give buoyancy to myself to do the unlike! I never know, I might just make it take place.

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About the Author:

Captain Kunal Narayan Uniyal completed his formal education from St. Thomas College, Dehradun. He joined merchant navy as Trainee Navigational Officer at the young age of 18. Kunal has been a keen debater and theatre artist. He was felicitated by the House of Life in France, Nautical Institute, London Seminar in NewDelhi; and nominated for Sailors Today award in 2014 in Exemplary Personal Achiever Category. Writing and sailing are his passion. His first book of poems “Kuch Khwaab Sagar Se” (in Hindi) was published in 2014 received international recognition. His second book was Sparrow in the Mirror. Unanswered is the third book by the Captain. His poems have been translated into French and can be read in LeMoineau Dans Le Miroir.


The man is inquisitive by nature!

Captain Kunal Uniyal, through his collection of poetry and prose ‘Unanswered’, had invoked his intellect to answer the unanswered queries of life. The book is his connection in finding the immortal value of the earthly existent. The glass, through which, we as a human being see our own existence closely.

‘Unanswered’ is the first complete book I have read by the author. Earlier I have read few of his poetries published under the book titled ‘Kuchh Khwab Sagar Se”.  The new book comprises of poetry and prose both.

The title of the book leaves us in suspense. While as I started reading the book in the preface itself the author had mentioned that the book is all about unfolding his truthful moments about his own life experiences. Though the author had tried to answer all the unanswered questions revealed by his inner core, even though they call for an extensive debate on the subject matter itself. The quoted texts are from various schools of mythological thoughts and by renowned philosophers through the time of evolution of the humankind. The book has mention of, Shrimadbhagwadgita, the Vedas, Upanishads as well as of Tagore, Dostoevsky, Russell and Gibran which deals with the soulful scripts of the spiritual world. Being a spiritual person myself, I have enjoyed the references from old Vedic messages, for example, Vedas and Upanishads intrigue me, and I found them fascinating.

Coming to the poetry, it is profound and excellent, written in a liberal and religious tone and I found the queries well in the stream with other substance. Both the poetry as well as prose has a good working over words. They have been woven with soulful thoughts, beautifully composed. I didn’t find a single word out of place or extra, for that matter. Though I felt that the language will be comparatively difficult to comprehend for not so keen readers, yet I find them splendid in their own way. It requires solitude and ardour for getting a glimpse of what is hidden behind the veil of woven words. The author had tried to maintain sufficient balance between the poetry and excerpts.

For those who find completeness in the philosophy of life and connected mythology, ‘Unanswered’ is relevant. For the new readers, it offers something new to learn.

As the author Capt. Kunal Uniyal himself says, “Unanswered is all about finding the answers which lay deeply hidden in the core of our hearts but we fail to discover it as we are covered with fog of ego and desires. Unanswered is all about revealing those answers.”