Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever


I prefer speed in life in whatever I do and as I am constantly on the move with my work I cannot imagine wasting time on slow technology.  I am always delighted to try new technology marvels. So every time new technology gets launched, I am always quick to embrace it into my life.

From Smart phones, 2G, texting, 3G, to apps I have built-in them all in my life and I am proud to say I am a technologically very forward person. I love speed, the new Airtel 4G is a big fortunate thing for me. with Airtel 4G unbelievable speed, I can now do everything in less than 1minutes time especially downloading music and movies.

Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services, nationwide roll out across 296 cities, 4G available at 3G prices. Airtel 4G is offered to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles etc. To avail the Airtel 4G service, customers would have to switch a 4G sim in their devices. Getting an Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away, Send a Tweet with #GetAirtel4G from any 4G handset and get a brand new 4G SIM delivered to your home for free. Besides, with every 4G SIM swap Airtel would offer six months of unlimited music streaming and downloads on ‘Wynk Music’ and five free movies per month for six months on the Eros Now channel of ’Wynk Movies’. Airtel has also tied up with Flipkart and many brands including Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi etc. to come bundled with the Airtel 4G sim. The company also announced that Samsung stores will educate customers on Airtel 4G and facilitate SIM swaps.

I use my smartphone like a mobile wallet (paytm) , food ordering machine (tinyowl) , mail client , twitter, facebook for being in touch with friends , instagram for the pictures  , fitness pal , taxi on call, shop online  (flipkart, amazon, jabong and etc) and play games.  With my phone helping in so many chores all through the day my biggest fear was the slow internet speeds, but now with the new Airtel 4G all my worries are a part of the past.

These days work keeps me away from family and this is when my mother (who does use a smartphone) prefers video call with me, earlier I used to avoid this because of the slow network but now it will be me who will be the first one to do a video call to her. With Airtel 4G my video calling experience will truly be personal and touching.

I am a multitasker and Airtel 4G with fastest network speed will make my tasks easy and save lot of my time which earlier used to get wasted in buffering and slow downloading. What is more amazing is in twitter one can check the time taken to download an app in Airtel 4G, which really proves this is the fastest net one can really experience. And if you don’t believe me you can check for yourself by seeing the below ad.


The #BachpanWithFlinto

I remember too much from my young childhood, from dad teaching me how to ride a bike, and the days my mom would pick me up from school, we would eat and talk about books at the canteen while we were waiting for my younger brother and sister to finish their school. And I can remember one vacation with my family by the hills and mountains of village when I was very young, when my grandfather showed me how big these mountains are. All of these memories leave me with happy, warm feelings about my childhood. The best was getting outside with the toys and cycles. The possibilities were endless. It could become a cycle race, cycling together and playing toy houses, a house, a boat, a shop. All of the kids on the block would get together with my siblings and me to play every evening. As soon as the weather got warm enough, my parents would take me and the siblings to this special store that sold these really elaborate kite kits. Then we’d take them home, and put them together that night. The next day, we’d take them out in a giant field, and fly them. It was so, so beautiful. The best memories were the games and the time we all used to spend outdoors. When I was growing up in the 80’s, I and my friends spent plenty of time outdoors. We played at the park, in each other’s backyards, or the vacant lot at the end of the street in my old neighbourhood. Children of now are spending less time on sports and active play and more time with TVs and video games. Children are becoming weaker, less muscular and unable to do physical tasks that previous generations found simple. Today’s kids go outside for just over an hour each weekday, and fewer than five hours on weekends — a marked contrast to generations growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, who racked up more than two hours of outside play each weekday, and enjoyed a whopping nine hours of outdoor play on the weekends. Kids today get fewer benefits of outdoor, unstructured play as a result. Physical activity improves learning, concentration, self-esteem, creativity and social skills, and is especially important in the first three years of life, when brains are rapidly developing. Today, many children do not have enough play opportunities at home because of TV, videos, and the computer. They interact with toys that are not conducive to building imagination and interesting dramatic play themes. In many instances, pretend play with siblings and neighbourhood children is not available. Playing outdoors and getting exposure to the nature and goodness of it, gives children the space to learn independence and self-reliance, to appreciate life outside a touch screen — and a place to dream, play and imagine — which is what childhood is all about.

This post is written for the #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest on Women’s Web

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#Airtel4GSpeedTest – demonstrate the true speeds of Airtel 4G

After trailing 4G services in many cities, a few days back Airtel launched the 4G services in 296 towns of India. With this launch Airtel became the first telecommunication company in India to make the fast new 4G services reachable to all. The launch has put aside to all the new pieces on new company (Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd) bringing in the same service to India before any other telecommunication company would do so. Airtel India has being working on this since launch of 4G service. Today #Airtel4GSpeedTest is the topic trending all over the nation and I believe people of the country are really happy for this service.

The #Airtel4GSpeedTest is a first of kind direct twitter response campaign wherein the users tweet to Airtel in the given format – @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest to find out how much time will a particular app take to download on 4G vs 3G vs 2G. Airtelindia instantly responds with a Twitpic infographic simply depicting how much time a particular app will take to download on each of the networks.


Being an Airtel customer when I read about the hashtag and the hype about it I thought of experiencing it myself. I opened Twitter, logged in and sent three tweets to Airtelindia on my most used apps – Instagram, BBM and Quizup. I got instant responses from them and I was astonished at the results (each app takes less than 1minute to get downloaded) which I share with all below:

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (1)

The speed of 4G is just wonderful. I’ve never experienced a faster download through my WIFI at work and home. The best thing is that Airtel is offering 4G for the price of 3G so one needs not to worry about burning the pocket to experience the speed. I am now discarding my existing 3G network after seeing the #Airtel4GSpeedTest and shifting to 4G right away. The results of #Airtel4GSpeedTest are truly incredible and it’s time to switch to Airtel and stop getting suffered for poor network and speed quality in the hands of other telecommunication companies. I am happy that whatever Airtel has promised is actually being delivered to everyone.

Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

A well-balanced diet provides the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy. A balanced diet requires eating a wide variety of wholesome foods, to maintain a healthy body weight a bit easier. To meet the body’s nutritional needs, it is necessary to include a good supply of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, along with smaller portions of dairy and meat products. Eating a healthy variety of these nutrient-dense foods leaves less room for those calorie-dense foods that tend to expand the waistline.

One of the most noticeable benefits of a balanced diet is energy. Keeping your body fuelled with the right proportions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients gives you the energy you need for your day. Healthy carbohydrates are slow to digest, keeping blood sugar and insulin levels on keel for a steady supply of energy through the day. Healthy proteins are vital for energy levels which are in lean meats, poultry and fish, whole grains, tofu, beans and nuts.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables as an overall healthy diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, protects against cancers of mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum and decreases bone loss and reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. As there is no cholesterol in fruits and vegetables they are naturally low in fat and calories. Vegetables are a great source for potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Fruits are a great source for nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. Eating a diet high in grains, especially whole grains helps in weight management and reduces constipation.

Everyone can now start to have a balanced healthy diet by saying NO to bread, pasta, flour, potatoes, rice and cereal and having fruit and veggies, meat and fish, eggs, yogurt, nuts and seeds, you can stop from gaining unwanted fat in your body.

Crash diet helps to lose weight rapidly in a short span of time. These diets work wonders if you want to lose specific weight till a particular date. The calorie intake restriction adds a lot of stress to the mind and body. Crash diets are less effective for long term weight loss. I am against crash diets because pick up any crash diet (lemonade diet, Acai Berry or the cabbage soup) they stress on eating particular kinds of foods and do away with other foods from the diet. Usually healthy food is eliminated which supply the body with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So, when our body doesn’t receive these essentials, it is not possible to be healthy. If you are really serious about your being healthy, exercising every day, eating a balanced diet, giving up on fatty, fried and sugary foods and drinking sufficient water is important.

I believe in being healthy and every day before I leave for my morning walk or jog, I drink a glass of warm water with honey and lemon. This honey diet has shown its benefits in my body as I am so fit and lean. I have my tea with honey as well as in my cornflakes. I have cut off sugar and artificial sweeteners. Honey offers both anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. Both can help to give your immune system a boost, helping to keep you from getting illnesses, like the common cold, the flu, and more. Honey is a tasty, sweet treat and the great health benefits only make it sweeter.

Surf it All! Surf it Fast! #YuviSurfsUC

I am person who believes and follows in new technology. I am crazy about gadgets and the latest in software with the applications, OS’s and browsers. I like to be up to date. Everyone these days own a Smartphone and for me my phone is a big blessing. I usually don’t get free time at work but whenever I am at leisure I entertain myself with games, music apps, videos and other lot of other utility services like shopping, banking, ticketing. Being a voracious reader and active blogger, I read and write on my Smartphone when I am on the run.  With life being so fast I like browsers and net to be fast too. I don’t like being stuck because of a slow browser, though I have faced it lots of time. But now I think this problem is solved as we have UC BROWSER.

I have some crazy working hours due to work load and this is the time when I usually miss watching cricket matches. I like catching with the game online but browser doesn’t cooperate and is forever slow despite a fast WIFI connection. I guess I don’t have to feel disappointed anymore as UC browser enables us to surf it all and surf it real fast. I have installed UC browser, it has a simple and absolute User Interface and the homepage is very easy to use. Be it Twitter, Hangouts, WordPress or Cricket, everything is just a touch away. It works so fast that the whole experience of surfing the internet is just amazing now. The best thing about UC browser is that it is best for Android, it is now India’s most popular mobile browser; designed for watching cricket and getting live updates. I can now just lean back and enjoy my cricket game without worrying about missing anything.

You must be wondering how to find cricket? Just open UC Browser – Home Screen – Find “UC Cricket” with blue icon and it’s there ready to be surfed. Some of the best features are: Live Scores with auto update, – Fixture & Result, Latest News and Videos. It is available for Windows, Android, iOs Phones, and Windows Phone.

Now you can work for long hours and need not worry about missing anything about the game/matches because with the help of UC browser you can enjoy cricket at your workplace too. Not just this, you can go for your movies, shopping, dinners, social functions, vacations and stay connected with the game all the time with UC browser.

UC Cricket has a reminder feature that sends you a notification before every match. Just click on the yellow bell on the right to follow your favourite match, and receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins and if you have exited UC Browser, you still get the notification. Cricket fans all over world can exchange their opinions via the Comment Section where it allows you to customize your ID, and also use emoticons. It’s extremely easy to read the replies. For me this is a very user friendly feature.

You can now stay connected with the game, be social, enjoy he little and big things in life without compromising on anything. Welcome the UC browser in your world and experience the pleasure of real fast surfing.

To know more about UC Browser, you can watch this video.

Why your ‘favorite phone” should be on everyone’s wishlist?


At the very first look, Asus ZenFone2 became my favourite phone. I did not expect that I would like this phone so much. Its hardware is dominant enough to do almost the whole lot. The Asus ZenFone 2 is a study Smartphone. It looks more interesting from the backside, and I liked the button arrangement. The volume rocker on the back is thin to press at ease without holding the phone tightly. The ZenFone2’s back panel is removable. The battery is firmly nestled beneath the slots making it irremovable. The ZenFone2 has a built-in colour calibrator to play around with the display’s colour settings. The ZenFone2 comes with a bunch of software pre-installed like the Amazon Kindle and Zinio apps. The best part about the ZenFone2’s user interface is its Themes application. Asus lets you customize the interface with your favourite icon packs.

Not just one, but there are many reasons why Asus ZenFone2 is my favourite phone and I would definitely want you to choose it and make this your next phone.

  1. The ZenFone2 comes in 4GB of RAM version with a quad-core 2.3GHz processor (Intel Atom Z3580). It is world’s first Smartphone with such great RAM and this has outshined the other phones.
  2. I prefer bigger phones and it has 5.5-inch screen with 1080p display which makes watching videos and reading e-books very comfy. Asus’ newest has a pixel density of 403ppi, a definite enhancement on the whole compared to earlier models.
  3. The 2.3GHz, 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 is faster than previous ZenFones. This makes the devices future-proof, as the era of 64-bit Android gladiators is just kicking off.
  4. The newest offering ZenFone2 paves the way for data transfer speed of up to 150Mbps.
  5. The in-house ZenUI of Asus is now more polished than ever with Android 5.0 Lollipop – a most excellent choice to synchronize the 64-bit chipset.
  6. ZenFone2’s 13-megapixel rear-facing camera is pretty good at taking photos, both outdoors and indoors. 5-megapixel front-facing camera is worth talking about it. It works well for snapping a headshot and its instant-beautification features actually work rather nicely. It also has a wide-angle lens. There’s also a GIF animation feature that records up to 50 frames. You can edit the animation speed before saving it, and then share it to social networks.
  7. The flashes of the cameras are often disregarded, but the inclusion of a dual-tone one will surely appeal to those potential Zenfone2 adopters that long for more natural-looking photos taken with the rear snapper.
  8. Zenfone2 has optical image stabilization, an addition to nowadays’ Smartphone snappers. Its ability to automatically steady your hands surely stands high in the books of those Smartphone fanatics that spend a great portion of their time filming videos with their devices.
  9. The Asus Zenfone2 does not only have double the amount of RAM but it also increases the amount of on-board SIM card slots by 100%.
  10. Imagine your Zenfone 2’s battery is at 10%. Trouble not; put it on charge while you get ready or finish your work and Asus’ newest will charge to 60% for less than 40minutes.

ZenFone2 is worth its price with 4GB RAM, dual SIMs, and memory expansion slot, in addition to 64GB of storage. It supports a large library of LTE bands around the world, so you’re connected anywhere you go with the ZenFone2. And you can swap out those back covers and personalize the phone the way you like. A powerful phone with better camera and above amazing features makes ZenFone2 worth being a favourite and highly recommendable.

Dandy Dad with Jabong

MainBanner_Blog_996x308_2 (1)

My father is a giver and has been a giver from the beginning. If I could define him in one word it would be liberal.  He is munificent with time, talent and wisdom.  He is always there for me and for everyone in our family. He is hard-working and I have never known my Dad to sit down. He is strict. And while I used to strongly dislike this trait I have come to appreciate how it helped shape my life and give me respect for authority, rules and self-control. He likes to eat and remain fit.  I am pretty sure I got his metabolism so thank you. He pushes people to be better than they think they can be. He does not believe in excuses.  I learned this the hard way. He is very strong.  He carries other people’s burdens and does not complain. He never asks for anything. Even if you beg him to tell you what he wants. He will sacrifice everything for his family.  He has for us as I had my private schools, sports, fun, college and everything. He is my Dad and the best Dad in the world. I want you to know that I love you more than you’ll ever know.

For a long time I was thinking of gifting dad some nice accessories as he likes being stylish and believes in having perfect accessories to match his look. He has lots of shirts, trousers, ethnic wear and few jeans so for this year’s father’s day I decided to gift him the accessories he loves along with a nice trouser and shirt to make him a #dandydad. For this I complied, my products list from Jabong. He trusts my choice so I am sure he will love what I have picked for him.


Green coloured moccasins by Carlton London / Analog watch from the house of Diesel / Gildermen cufflinks / Dark grey trousers from Arrow / Brown belt from River Island / Blue tie from Lino Perros / Aviators from Gucci


Sisley formal shirt / Franklin Covey pen set / tZaro watch case / Jasmine hamper set from Soulflower / Ed Eau De Toilette Spray from Hugo Boss / Brown wallet by Louis Philippe