Recap 2015; Welcome 2016

The year 2015 has ended. We have started a New Year, 2016. Most of us have our resolutions ready for 2016. We are not sure whether they will get actualised or stay scribbled in our diary or mind. We plan every day and gain experience; – good and bad kind of and of some we actually don’t even bother about. Yet, I feel experience should always be appreciated.  It is a big step of learning.

For me, 2015 was a good year, mostly; exuberance all around. I imbibed the learning’s of 2014, and succeeded well barring a few exceptions. Whenever opportunity came knocking I left no stone untouched to make people smile along with the truth by my side.

Professionally I received appreciations from all quarters; clients, business associates, promoters and colleagues; I was accessed and had a financial growth.

The most remarkable incident personally has been starting this blog and this inculcated a new passion for blogging. I am now a blogger, a writer and an affiliate. This blog, NaughtAuthentic, won the title of Notable Newbie from BlogAdda, participated in Blog-A-Ton, Won WOW badges for Write over the weekend activity, endorsed brands for Blog Mint, participated and won contests on Indi Blogger.

Life showered a great deal of blessing in my relationships too. My bonding with my friends saw new heights. I was gifted t-shirts, perfumes, wallets and books. I partied hard through the year and I developed a new habit of exploring new places for the get-together. The finest was Hauz Khas Village.

This was my first year since 2001, I had spent the whole year in Delhi-  I drove 40,000 kilometres; drank thousands cups of coffee; added new clothes to my wardrobe; bought  a Dell notebook; attended wedding of a friend, watched only one movie – Piku in the theatre,  stopped watching TV, read 11 books and turned beardfella.

For 2016, I am not making any resolutions.  I have a target of playing a bigger role. It’s going to be a landmark year and I have aligned it with my ‘Mission2020’ and I am sure 2016 will add some immemorial achievements.

Wish everyone a great 2016 and Happy New Year!



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