Recap 2015; Welcome 2016

The year 2015 has ended. We have started a New Year, 2016. Most of us have our resolutions ready for 2016. We are not sure whether they will get actualised or stay scribbled in our diary or mind. We plan every day and gain experience; – good and bad kind of and of some we actually don’t even bother about. Yet, I feel experience should always be appreciated.  It is a big step of learning.

For me, 2015 was a good year, mostly; exuberance all around. I imbibed the learning’s of 2014, and succeeded well barring a few exceptions. Whenever opportunity came knocking I left no stone untouched to make people smile along with the truth by my side.

Professionally I received appreciations from all quarters; clients, business associates, promoters and colleagues; I was accessed and had a financial growth.

The most remarkable incident personally has been starting this blog and this inculcated a new passion for blogging. I am now a blogger, a writer and an affiliate. This blog, NaughtAuthentic, won the title of Notable Newbie from BlogAdda, participated in Blog-A-Ton, Won WOW badges for Write over the weekend activity, endorsed brands for Blog Mint, participated and won contests on Indi Blogger.

Life showered a great deal of blessing in my relationships too. My bonding with my friends saw new heights. I was gifted t-shirts, perfumes, wallets and books. I partied hard through the year and I developed a new habit of exploring new places for the get-together. The finest was Hauz Khas Village.

This was my first year since 2001, I had spent the whole year in Delhi-  I drove 40,000 kilometres; drank thousands cups of coffee; added new clothes to my wardrobe; bought  a Dell notebook; attended wedding of a friend, watched only one movie – Piku in the theatre,  stopped watching TV, read 11 books and turned beardfella.

For 2016, I am not making any resolutions.  I have a target of playing a bigger role. It’s going to be a landmark year and I have aligned it with my ‘Mission2020’ and I am sure 2016 will add some immemorial achievements.

Wish everyone a great 2016 and Happy New Year!



Women need not be dependent – II

Man has lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness…

What Have Men Achieved by Oppressing Women?

Who gained what by pushing woman to this pitiable state? Woman suffered a big loss but man did not gain from this either. By depriving woman of her basic human rights, she was forced into a state of constraints and helplessness but what did man get in return? He lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness and landed in a situation where he has to carry her like a heavy load on his own shoulders.

Even today, supporting the family is the sole responsibility of man in larger part of the world. It consumes him completely and makes him pensive and worried. How precarious is the situation, becomes dear when a woman with four-five children becomes a widow at a young age. The savings from her husband’s earnings gets consumed on illness etc. After his death, the widow and children do not find a shelter anywhere – neither at parent’s place nor with the in-laws. Children are scorned at every step and when they somehow grow up amidst such deprivation and contempt they most often become uncivilized and uncouth.

Mother’s pain and agony knows no bounds. She lives like a corpse and somehow survives only under the compulsion of her affection towards her innocent children. There are numerous examples of such existence. Such plight presents its ugly face at almost every nook and corner and is a result of the insane and cruel custom where no opportunities are provided to woman for her education and independence. If she had also received these facilities, she would not have been a burden on anyone and would instead have been a helping hand in healthy development and advancement of the family-members.

If half the population lives as a cripple and the other half bears its burden then this situation is similar to that of a half paralysed sufferer. There is no comfort in this situation for either the healthy part or the paralysed part. It can be termed a big folly of the wise. Except meeting the shallow purpose of feeding man’s ego, it yields nothing to be pleased about and nothing that could assist in progress of the society and the nation. In fact it has impeded or retarded our ascent on most fronts.

It should be understood that by trampling his capable collaborator, man has only increased his own burden and introduced darkness in his own future. The purpose of sexual satisfaction, which was taken to its extremes and which was forced upon women, is not completely served either. In the entrapped state that woman is in, what can be conducted is only a rape. Pleasure is attained through dedicated cooperation and that happens only if proper attention is given to the development and comforts of the partner. Harmony can only be nurtured in the environment of service and gratitude and collaboration surely bears good fruit.

Immense Potential of Women:

Factually, woman’s proficiency, dexterity and capability is no less than that of man. She is forced to bear children and citing this as a proof of her weakness, is then oppressed. This burden can be easily lightened. By pledging celibacy, or maintaining small family of at most two children, many couples have saved themselves from carrying this burden and have used the conserved energy in assisting each other to achieve greater competency and happiness. In such a situation they become like two balanced wheels of a cart that carry the loaded cart over a long distance and they both thus make their existence more meaningful.

Wherever she has found opportunities, woman has awakened her dormant capabilities and proved that she is ahead of man in every field. In the field of education, women score better than men. Her skills in the areas of education, medicine, art and science are better than men. She is not behind in business and industry either. Her backwardness is not inborn. It has been forced upon her. If the noose around her is loosened and an opportunity is provided for her independent talent to emerge then the balance would surely tilt to her side. In all living creatures there is only a slight difference between males and females and it does not imply that one could be considered more capable than the other. Both have their own specialities and capabilities. Confluence of these is an example of the strength that lies in unity. It is difficult to fathom what man gained by crippling half the population but it is clear that he suffered a huge loss.

Woman symbolizes goddess Lakshmi but only if she has been nurtured with intensive cooperation and support. Her emotional strength, her patience, her motherly affection alone can nurture lasting happiness and peace along with materialistic progress.

The mistake of suppressing her potentials has been committed over a long period of time and it has caused extensive damage. Time has arrived to correct this mistake and to instil new traditions. Blame lies with man and hence he must atone first. In his zone of influence, he must inspire everyone to leave no stone unturned in uplifting and making women capable of becoming independent, cultured and full of self respect, so that the proof of their development becomes visible on all fronts of familial, social and global rise.

Courtesy: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya

Women need not be dependent – I

Woman is the goddess of art and emotions. Man has a concentration of courage and endurance. A complete personality emerges only upon combining the two.

Nature has created all categories of creatures in the forms of male and female. Both live together and assist each other. From the time of pregnancy to child rearing, both shoulder the responsibility together. Birds, for example, work together to create a nest. For this purpose, they do not hesitate to get or give help.

Being a more evolved creature, this collaboration should be to an even larger degree in man, “When the natural attraction brings them together, the purpose behind it is obviously that they compliment each other. Woman is the goddess of art and emotions. Man has a concentration of courage and endurance. A complete personality emerges only upon combining the two. Evolution from imperfection to perfection is the purpose of bringing both the genders together. Only with their mutual cooperation, the cart of life can run smoothly on its track. Both should not only distribute tasks amongst themselves but also practice to assist each other if needed. This is indeed the social and natural purpose behind creation of the combination of male and female.

As long as this tradition was appropriately followed, this communion was successful and it benefited both men and women and the wheel of social system rolled on smoothly.

Misfortune struck when man gave undue importance to carnality, made it an addiction and like addicts made a mountain out of this molehill. When this belief reached mischievous heights in the medieval times of cultural downfall, then it brought forth unforeseen consequences. When defiance rode high then man thought of exploiting the temporary weakness of the woman during pregnancy. The physical weakness and inability to produce during the days of pregnancy were blown out of proportions and woman was taught to remain a slave to man, follow him blindly and be satisfied with the food and shelter provided to her in return. By and large, her ambitions to ascend were suppressed and the thoughts of equality with man be buried. She was supposed to expect nothing from man except what is needed for basic survival. The logic given was that when the primary responsibility of reproduction has been laid on her then she must accept it as her destiny and remain content.

The logic sounded convincing and it was adopted as a tradition. The leash continued to be tightened until woman remained only a medium for sexual satisfaction of man.

This leash was tightened both from outside and from within. Externally, she was confined within the house walls and made to hide inside a veil. She was restricted from moving around alone. Terming this bondage as the curse of being a woman, she was forced by the male dominated society to live a disdainful life. Inhuman customs such as committing sati, shaving off/tonsuring the head, begging at the shrines etc., were initiated as these traditions helped the family members to get rid of the responsibility of supporting the widow and also, helped keep the widow away from laying claims to her husband’s property.

From the inside, woman was weakened to such an extent that she starting believing herself to simply be an object of desire and busied herself in putting on make-up and in looking more attractive and seductive. She started shunning hard labour in order to avoid its adverse impact on her tenderness and beauty. She started believing that her welfare was in dressing up like dolls and attracting her husband.

After this noose was tightened around her from both outside and inside, woman became crippled and helpless. She was brought to a situation where she was completely dependent on man. When this became a custom and the environment got tuned according to this belief then who could show resistance against it? How could anyone dare go against the tide? Men saw their benefits in this tradition. After all, they were getting maids in return for basic food, water and clothes. Why would they let the situation change? Women too had no other resort. By the time women reached the threshold of youth, they became mothers to many children. The upbringing of these children was so difficult that a mother was incapable of handling them alone. This gave rise to a tradition that is still being followed. Women in many parts of the world have remained dependent on their providers like a pet animal depends on its owner.

Even in the modern era of intellectual ascent and civilization, in several societies, especially in the developing and under developed world, she has no right to think of her development. She is not allowed to even express desire for independence. She is left to survive like a piece of rotting garbage and has to bury her desire for respect to some remote corner of her heart. What respect does a slave need? When there is enough food to fill the stomach and clothes to cover the body then why long for love and respect?

While there is some difference in the state of a woman in developed and developing nations, it is fundamentally identical. In developing or underdeveloped nations, she is under tremendous pressure and has to spend her days in a state of helplessness. In developed nations, she is encouraged to become more attractive and seductive so that she starts giving greater importance to comforts and glamour, and, on her own, feels tempted to earn the man’s favour. The result of the temptation is that she can be seen exposing her body a lot more and attracting the onlookers. This rising enthusiasm has created an ambience, especially in the developed world where coyness, which was once an asset of the woman, is hardly seen anywhere. Sometimes under the tag of ‘bold and beautiful’, sometimes of the glamour of ‘models of commercial advertisements’, she is being exploited or letting herself so in several ways in ultra modern societies.

This is not development. It is a pitiable expression of lack of self-respect. In both the developed and the developing nations, the women have their own unique plights and compulsions.

Courtesy: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya

Folly of the Wise – II

Mighty Enemy in Nearest Vicinity

One vice associated with human life is gluttony. Every living organism takes food in natural raw form. No organism spices up its food by cooking, roasting, frying, adding spices or sugar etc. Man learnt the art of cooking, preparing delectable meals and in the name of taste, started eating all that was unworthy of consumption. This gave rise to numerous disorders of digestive system, many diseases and the reduction in the lifespan. Instead of indulging in this vice, if proper vegetarian food habits were adopted, then consumption of food could have been cut down to half. Even the expenses and effort spent in cooking could have been saved. Digestive disorders could have been avoided, energies could have been conserved and an opportunity could have been created for living a longer life. But, man prefers to be a slave to this vice. He keeps indulging in gluttony and invites weakness, and untimely death. What else could one call this behaviour, but imprudence?

People live in houses but they do not care to construct them in a way that it is properly ventilated and sunlight can reach all corners. A simple hut makes sufficient provision for elementary human needs but it is seen that people who have riches instead prefer to live in huge, over-furnished houses lighted with artificial lights and kept closed for air-conditioning. Their avarice and grabbing of land deprives millions of others of even bare minimum space of living. Those who can afford adequate space too often live in houses that, especially in the urban areas, are dark and suffocating. As a result, they live in houses that are rotting with seepage, bearing children and accumulating filth around them. People long for lavish food, but sufficient attention is not paid to balance of vital nutritious elements and to cleanliness of food, water and air. Not only the external atmospheric pollution, people’s own houses, routing and eating habits too cause serious damage to their health.

Had man lived in harmony with Nature, had he not adopted abnormal diet, had he not restrained his exposure to clean air and sunlight, he could have avoided the torture resulting from varieties of health hazards.

Diseases are disconcerting as they bring along several hardships like physical pain, loss of working hours, increased load of expenses, inconvenience to other members of the family, chance of infecting others etc. Good health is natural. It is God’s blessing that He has granted to all the living organisms of His creation. Man is the only unfortunate creature to have taken undesirable steps of breaking Nature’s discipline and inviting host of diseases. It is said that one bears the fruit of one’s Karma after death. While this may be true for other actions but disobeying Nature in one’s lifestyle is a sin that certainly invites punishment in this life itself.

Intoxication is another sort of defiance against Nature. Those addicted to Tobacco, Cannabis, Opium, alcohol etc enfeeble themselves, fritter away their money, jeopardize the future of their family members, suffer humiliation and eventually become victims of diseases like cancer etc. They feel uncomfortable themselves and live a neglected and humiliating life of a’ criminal’ amongst their friends and relatives as well.

In spite of the awareness about all that has been said so far, people neglect the laws of Nature. Is this their wisdom or their folly? Other living organisms do become victims of divine demur but can never be disgraced for treading the wrong path. But, the man’s deeds seem to suggest that he has deliberately adopted this defiant position against Nature. In such a situation, it surely raises a question mark on his sagacity.

Failure to understand the importance, nature and meaning of life and draining this supreme resource for disdainful purposes also has far reaching consequences. Precious life is exhausted on futile tasks. Moreover the burden of sins resulting from the misdeeds (triggered by ego, selfishness and avarice) gets piled up. Consequently, one suffers the penalty of a downfall and eventual collapse in this life and beyond.

Courtesy: “Samajhadaron Ki Nasarnajhi” by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya

Folly of the Wise – I

Capacity to think is an exclusive characteristic of man. This forms the basis of his ability to deliberate, imagine, analyse and take decisions. The ability of other living organisms to think is confined to food, survival and procreation. They cannot think beyond this on topics like better lifestyles, world order or the future of civilizations etc. Off and on some of them can be seen vying for a larger share and attacking each other on account of conflicts but that is about all. They somehow expend their lives and die in due course.

Man has been endowed with the capacity to think. He is capable of learning from his past experiences, making effort to meet his current needs and making the future more comfortable and pleasant. He attempts to follow traditions and rules that govern ethics, religion and society. Cooperation is his other special characteristic, on basis of which, he works for mutual benefit and does what is needed for development and enhancement of comforts and happiness. It is these mental characteristics that have in course of time lead him to his distinct abilities like desire, determination, courage, initiative etc. and elevated him to the highest pedestal in evolution ladder.

However, there is also an associated inadequacy in human beings. Man tends to emulate what he observes around him. He embraces the beliefs and actions of others in his vicinity. This tendency engulfs him to such an extent that he often loses his ability to discriminate between right and wrong. Imitation becomes a practice and this tendency overcomes all others. It soon becomes a habit and the urge to imitate becomes his second nature. Many a times this makes him so intransigent that he loses his inclination to see different points of view and, simply based on prejudices, tends to oppose them. These prejudices and failure to understand the other point of view leads to disputes. Wastage of human effort, labour and resources on such disputes and oppositions can be contained if discretion is practised instead of blind imitation.

Man has made numerous discoveries and inventions. He has drawn many intelligent conclusions and taken far-reaching decisions in various areas. But, all this progress has failed to check the growth of misconceptions. Man continues to base his conduct on convictions that are of hypocrisy or dubious veracity. So often, the wise man shows irrationality in his conduct.

Misconceptions of the Intelligent Mind

If we analyse and classify human habits and beliefs, we find that man is more superstitious than he is discerning. He is wise and yet, more unwise. From certain perspectives, other creatures are better placed, as unlike man, they do not engage in the mess of right versus wrong and live their lives in harmony with nature.

There are so many prevalent misconceptions that one can hardly categorize man to be a rational being. It is difficult to believe at times how well-read people and those running large businesses can ever be so irrational. It is necessary to pick a few topics and deliberate whether the prevalent beliefs and practices are indeed correct.

When people think about themselves, their prime concern is their body. They associate their self-identity with the body. They continuously strive to assimilate more comforts for the body and make it strong, charming and gorgeous in all respects. But, this belief in supremacy of the body is misplaced. For if this was indeed true, why is it that nothing remains of the body after death? In spite of all preventive measures why does illness and old age take its toll on the body? How do some people retain memories of an earlier birth? Why some people are gifted with special talents right form the birth? Why even co-genital twins, brought up in the same ambience by same parents, have altogether opposite natures and personalities?

Answers to all these questions lie in the fact that body and soul are two distinct entities. Both mingle along well and it is also seen that upon separation the existence of both gets concealed from normal perception. That body and soul are separate entities, is an absolute fact. Unfortunately, most people either do not accept it or are unmindful of this distinction. Otherwise, they would not have been wasting all their time in pursuit of pleasures linked with the body. Attention would have also been paid to the responsibilities associated with development of the soul. Such lifestyles would have been adopted that would have liberated not only self but also others. Driven by sensual passions and false pride, man has instead been treading the road to decadence.

Had there been the realization that youth is the time for striving to rise to higher planes, why would anyone have spent those days in wasteful pursuits? Why wouldn’t he have rather utilized those days better and lived an ideal life? Why wouldn’t his life have been a model for others to follow? The confused perceptions about associating self with the body and not the soul, is what leads to the situation where hardly anyone lives a life that can stand the test of ideals. It is usually too late by the time one clears this perception and realizes that the life, which he had been living was misled or was a shear wastage of a rare, precious opportunity.

Courtesy: “Samajhadaron Ki Nasarnajhi” by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya