Recap 2015; Welcome 2016

The year 2015 has ended. We have started a New Year, 2016. Most of us have our resolutions ready for 2016. We are not sure whether they will get actualised or stay scribbled in our diary or mind. We plan every day and gain experience; – good and bad kind of and of some we actually don’t even bother about. Yet, I feel experience should always be appreciated.  It is a big step of learning.

For me, 2015 was a good year, mostly; exuberance all around. I imbibed the learning’s of 2014, and succeeded well barring a few exceptions. Whenever opportunity came knocking I left no stone untouched to make people smile along with the truth by my side.

Professionally I received appreciations from all quarters; clients, business associates, promoters and colleagues; I was accessed and had a financial growth.

The most remarkable incident personally has been starting this blog and this inculcated a new passion for blogging. I am now a blogger, a writer and an affiliate. This blog, NaughtAuthentic, won the title of Notable Newbie from BlogAdda, participated in Blog-A-Ton, Won WOW badges for Write over the weekend activity, endorsed brands for Blog Mint, participated and won contests on Indi Blogger.

Life showered a great deal of blessing in my relationships too. My bonding with my friends saw new heights. I was gifted t-shirts, perfumes, wallets and books. I partied hard through the year and I developed a new habit of exploring new places for the get-together. The finest was Hauz Khas Village.

This was my first year since 2001, I had spent the whole year in Delhi-  I drove 40,000 kilometres; drank thousands cups of coffee; added new clothes to my wardrobe; bought  a Dell notebook; attended wedding of a friend, watched only one movie – Piku in the theatre,  stopped watching TV, read 11 books and turned beardfella.

For 2016, I am not making any resolutions.  I have a target of playing a bigger role. It’s going to be a landmark year and I have aligned it with my ‘Mission2020’ and I am sure 2016 will add some immemorial achievements.

Wish everyone a great 2016 and Happy New Year!



Surf it All! Surf it Fast! #YuviSurfsUC

I am person who believes and follows in new technology. I am crazy about gadgets and the latest in software with the applications, OS’s and browsers. I like to be up to date. Everyone these days own a Smartphone and for me my phone is a big blessing. I usually don’t get free time at work but whenever I am at leisure I entertain myself with games, music apps, videos and other lot of other utility services like shopping, banking, ticketing. Being a voracious reader and active blogger, I read and write on my Smartphone when I am on the run.  With life being so fast I like browsers and net to be fast too. I don’t like being stuck because of a slow browser, though I have faced it lots of time. But now I think this problem is solved as we have UC BROWSER.

I have some crazy working hours due to work load and this is the time when I usually miss watching cricket matches. I like catching with the game online but browser doesn’t cooperate and is forever slow despite a fast WIFI connection. I guess I don’t have to feel disappointed anymore as UC browser enables us to surf it all and surf it real fast. I have installed UC browser, it has a simple and absolute User Interface and the homepage is very easy to use. Be it Twitter, Hangouts, WordPress or Cricket, everything is just a touch away. It works so fast that the whole experience of surfing the internet is just amazing now. The best thing about UC browser is that it is best for Android, it is now India’s most popular mobile browser; designed for watching cricket and getting live updates. I can now just lean back and enjoy my cricket game without worrying about missing anything.

You must be wondering how to find cricket? Just open UC Browser – Home Screen – Find “UC Cricket” with blue icon and it’s there ready to be surfed. Some of the best features are: Live Scores with auto update, – Fixture & Result, Latest News and Videos. It is available for Windows, Android, iOs Phones, and Windows Phone.

Now you can work for long hours and need not worry about missing anything about the game/matches because with the help of UC browser you can enjoy cricket at your workplace too. Not just this, you can go for your movies, shopping, dinners, social functions, vacations and stay connected with the game all the time with UC browser.

UC Cricket has a reminder feature that sends you a notification before every match. Just click on the yellow bell on the right to follow your favourite match, and receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins and if you have exited UC Browser, you still get the notification. Cricket fans all over world can exchange their opinions via the Comment Section where it allows you to customize your ID, and also use emoticons. It’s extremely easy to read the replies. For me this is a very user friendly feature.

You can now stay connected with the game, be social, enjoy he little and big things in life without compromising on anything. Welcome the UC browser in your world and experience the pleasure of real fast surfing.

To know more about UC Browser, you can watch this video.

My first expert – (7)

It is only a mother who understands her children well, in my case being the eldest son I was pampered and given much substance by all especially my mother. But on the other hand I was taught the importance of education and the place of moral values in one’s life right from my childhood and also the sense of responsibility as I have one younger brother and sister to take care of.

My mother had been my first teacher at home with books in my concern. I was her obedient pupil, though my mother is not much educated she did impart her knowledge and experience to me and my siblings. I belong to that generation where television had barely made any impact in our lives. Movies, songs all came later to me.

It had been my mother who had inspired me not to become a couch-potato and instead encouraged me to improve on my reading habits. I would have drifted into the terrible depths of emptiness, had it not been my mother who brought me out of it, who I still regard with value. Whenever I had been in my bad mood, she had been the first to notice those signs and help me to come out of them by telling me to express my thoughts onto paper or diary. She made me overcome my state of gloom.

When my father passed away, my mother had been the one who had made me and everyone else in the family strong, both physically as well as mentally. Because I had never considered the fact I would have to face death as such close quarters just being a teenager. My mother taught me how to overcome chaos and never let any tragedy disturb my balance in life. I take this opportunity to thank my mother for being #MyFirstExpert.

My first expert – (6)

Whenever I look back at my life, from a toddler, to a playful teenager to matured man, I see family time, those songs from radio being played while I prepared for my commerce exams, walks to the close by bakery with my sister, having my favourite ice cream at the exhibition and common to all these were every moment of my life had my mother in the frame.

Like any kid I had great love for cakes and ice creams and like all other mothers even mine was scared of my teeth getting cavities and infections so I used to eat secretly with my friends after school, and I was late to home, and by the time I reached, I found the house locked in few minutes my parents arrived and seeing me they were happy, later I was told that they had left to search me as I did not come back on time. My mother did not talk to me for 2days and afterwards I understood that was the fear of losing me.

My mother did not express her love towards me through words but opted through action with her caring and giving nature in the form of my favourite meals cooked and sweets. Her love was in the form of all home remedies for anyone of us at home suffering from cold. Her love was in form of that one phone call when one of us would get late to reach home. She has been the pillar of the family.

When I had joined college (outside my hometown) I can never forget the list of dos and don’ts she made me write.

  • Always apply oil before shampoo.
  • Do not drink water directly, always use a glass.
  • Keep a count of money spent
  • Do savings
  • Pass out with good marks so that it makes you financially independent in life.

I know these are the regular life lessons and advice, I value them more because each of them have been imparted to me by #MyFirstExpert, my mother and whenever I remember them I recall all those growing up moments of my life with she beside me.

My first expert – (5)

I agree that home is your first school and your parents your first teacher especially mother. My mother is #MyFirstExpert and my first forever teacher. Whenever in life I go wrong, she is the first one to correct me and whenever I need help, she is the first one to guide me. Whether physically she’s there by my side or not, every small things taught to me by her comes out handy which helps me to take good decisions for a better life. Her way of making me understand life is very exceptional.

Whenever in trouble, the first word that comes to everyone’s mouth is Ma and for me she is the first one to come to my rescue against anything bad. She has been my saviour, who fought a lot for my happiness but she never spoke a word for her own life.

Till date my mother and me share secrets and enjoy gossiping. She has always been a friend rather than being a conventional parent. What we share as friends stays between us solely even today. Not just a mother and son, we are best friends too.

During school days she has been my helper with academic and co-curriccular activities, let it be with grammar or Hindi subject or be it preparing me for competitions or projects or assignments.

It goes without saying my mother has been #MyFirstExpert for everything and anything. Even today, she is the first one on my mind to share happiness and grief and to discuss and help me solve life problems. She is a perfect combination of everything. A happy person full of positivity and no one understands me like she does.

My first expert – (4)

Of all the days celebrated in a year, I liked Mother’s Day a lot. This year I came across in newspapers/twitter/magazines and websites about good articles on mothers and sons/daughters giving a tribute to them. Father’s Day, Sister’s Day or any other day doesn’t have this importance which Mother’s Day has.

For every first thing in my life, I have my mother behind it. I can never forget my first school experience. There was no school bus and every student of our locality of the same school used to walk and my mother took the pains to drop me to school every day and also carry my bags and lunch. While walking she used to tell me about the flowers/trees/roads/people/vehicles. Sometimes I even used to pester her to tell me stories while walking and she used to tell me stories of fairies and godmothers. Her stories were the first time I started to imagine. I used to feel that those fairies were for real and they were my friends. All this really helped me in telling stories to my friends in school, make paintings on these themes. Thank you mom for stirring the power of imagination in me.

The first book I read was collection of bed time stories, which was gifted by my mother on my birthday. There were hardly any good bedtime books for children so my mother made all the efforts to search good books for me. My mom every night read one of the stories from the book and explained me what the story was all about and told me the good things from it and also told me why bad people existed in them. That’s how books began to interest me by the first reader of my life – my mother and today I have a huge collection of books and there is never a day in my life when I have not read a book before the day ends.

The list of firsts of my life with my mother in it is never ending and even now I turn to my mother as she has been #MyFirstExpert for everything.

My first expert – (3)

The first hand I held while I was taking my first few steps was of my mother. The first word I spoke was Maa. The first spoon of food was fed by my mother. My first day of school was scary but my mom motivated me to attend school regularly. She taught me how to hold the pencil to write my first alphabets. No wonder my mother has been #MyFirstExpert. I can never forget how she used to stay awake with me and make me snacks in the night when I was preparing for my board exams and also those spoons of sweet curd for good luck the next day when I went to write my exams.

 The list of things that my mother did for me is just endless and she still does things for me. I am sure however old I grow I don’t think about it I will reach out to her for anything and everything related to my life. Now my mother stays with me but in earlier days during my job outside my hometown, I used to live alone and cook for myself. And it was my mother who helped me learn cooking despite the distance of Patna and Pune. I don’t believe cooking is only for females. Being a man I can cook well despite the fact I never knew to cook anything beyond Maggie till the time I got a job. It was very tough initially but my mother helped me out with utensils, the ingredients, quantities and the details of the preparation. It would have been difficult without her support.  My mother always believed in good eating and fed me healthy food. She never cooked spicy or oily food as she was health conscious. Because of her I stay fit and eat food cooked with less oil. I hardly visit the doctor as I eat healthy food and by no means fall sick often. All thanks to my mother.