Expression of Love

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The peck of blessings, the hug of care, the smile of affection
and the kiss of romance; all makes it sweeter
than it could ever be.

Chocolate is an emotion; an expression; an axiom.
It pronounces the undying feeling, without the phrase.

Every woman would vouch for such delightful gifts she had got
at the distinctive phase of life.

Her father gave it to the little princess; Brother to his lovely
doll.  A friend gave it to her with a tender smile to his gentle crush;
and her Prince to the charming Cinderella with
a kiss immemorial.

Wrap it in the paper or pack inside a box; it will speak only,
the language of love.

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Women need not be dependent – II

Man has lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness…

What Have Men Achieved by Oppressing Women?

Who gained what by pushing woman to this pitiable state? Woman suffered a big loss but man did not gain from this either. By depriving woman of her basic human rights, she was forced into a state of constraints and helplessness but what did man get in return? He lost an important collaborator who could have assisted him in his development, comforts and happiness and landed in a situation where he has to carry her like a heavy load on his own shoulders.

Even today, supporting the family is the sole responsibility of man in larger part of the world. It consumes him completely and makes him pensive and worried. How precarious is the situation, becomes dear when a woman with four-five children becomes a widow at a young age. The savings from her husband’s earnings gets consumed on illness etc. After his death, the widow and children do not find a shelter anywhere – neither at parent’s place nor with the in-laws. Children are scorned at every step and when they somehow grow up amidst such deprivation and contempt they most often become uncivilized and uncouth.

Mother’s pain and agony knows no bounds. She lives like a corpse and somehow survives only under the compulsion of her affection towards her innocent children. There are numerous examples of such existence. Such plight presents its ugly face at almost every nook and corner and is a result of the insane and cruel custom where no opportunities are provided to woman for her education and independence. If she had also received these facilities, she would not have been a burden on anyone and would instead have been a helping hand in healthy development and advancement of the family-members.

If half the population lives as a cripple and the other half bears its burden then this situation is similar to that of a half paralysed sufferer. There is no comfort in this situation for either the healthy part or the paralysed part. It can be termed a big folly of the wise. Except meeting the shallow purpose of feeding man’s ego, it yields nothing to be pleased about and nothing that could assist in progress of the society and the nation. In fact it has impeded or retarded our ascent on most fronts.

It should be understood that by trampling his capable collaborator, man has only increased his own burden and introduced darkness in his own future. The purpose of sexual satisfaction, which was taken to its extremes and which was forced upon women, is not completely served either. In the entrapped state that woman is in, what can be conducted is only a rape. Pleasure is attained through dedicated cooperation and that happens only if proper attention is given to the development and comforts of the partner. Harmony can only be nurtured in the environment of service and gratitude and collaboration surely bears good fruit.

Immense Potential of Women:

Factually, woman’s proficiency, dexterity and capability is no less than that of man. She is forced to bear children and citing this as a proof of her weakness, is then oppressed. This burden can be easily lightened. By pledging celibacy, or maintaining small family of at most two children, many couples have saved themselves from carrying this burden and have used the conserved energy in assisting each other to achieve greater competency and happiness. In such a situation they become like two balanced wheels of a cart that carry the loaded cart over a long distance and they both thus make their existence more meaningful.

Wherever she has found opportunities, woman has awakened her dormant capabilities and proved that she is ahead of man in every field. In the field of education, women score better than men. Her skills in the areas of education, medicine, art and science are better than men. She is not behind in business and industry either. Her backwardness is not inborn. It has been forced upon her. If the noose around her is loosened and an opportunity is provided for her independent talent to emerge then the balance would surely tilt to her side. In all living creatures there is only a slight difference between males and females and it does not imply that one could be considered more capable than the other. Both have their own specialities and capabilities. Confluence of these is an example of the strength that lies in unity. It is difficult to fathom what man gained by crippling half the population but it is clear that he suffered a huge loss.

Woman symbolizes goddess Lakshmi but only if she has been nurtured with intensive cooperation and support. Her emotional strength, her patience, her motherly affection alone can nurture lasting happiness and peace along with materialistic progress.

The mistake of suppressing her potentials has been committed over a long period of time and it has caused extensive damage. Time has arrived to correct this mistake and to instil new traditions. Blame lies with man and hence he must atone first. In his zone of influence, he must inspire everyone to leave no stone unturned in uplifting and making women capable of becoming independent, cultured and full of self respect, so that the proof of their development becomes visible on all fronts of familial, social and global rise.

Courtesy: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya



Saw her over the internet;
met on the road;
talked over the phone;
proposed in the arms, unfold.

In between, the high and low
of life;
we rode the roller-coaster
of our own scribe.

Sometimes away; and
mostly by my side;
she became my esprit,
to energize.

She liked my humour;
I cherished her passion;
whenever missed
I’d kissed sans reason.

The more we split
our trust touched a new high;
I’ll love you, my sweetheart
for the rest of my life!

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – VIII 

This post is dedicated to my beloved friend on the fifth anniversary of our first meeting!

Women need not be dependent – I

Woman is the goddess of art and emotions. Man has a concentration of courage and endurance. A complete personality emerges only upon combining the two.

Nature has created all categories of creatures in the forms of male and female. Both live together and assist each other. From the time of pregnancy to child rearing, both shoulder the responsibility together. Birds, for example, work together to create a nest. For this purpose, they do not hesitate to get or give help.

Being a more evolved creature, this collaboration should be to an even larger degree in man, “When the natural attraction brings them together, the purpose behind it is obviously that they compliment each other. Woman is the goddess of art and emotions. Man has a concentration of courage and endurance. A complete personality emerges only upon combining the two. Evolution from imperfection to perfection is the purpose of bringing both the genders together. Only with their mutual cooperation, the cart of life can run smoothly on its track. Both should not only distribute tasks amongst themselves but also practice to assist each other if needed. This is indeed the social and natural purpose behind creation of the combination of male and female.

As long as this tradition was appropriately followed, this communion was successful and it benefited both men and women and the wheel of social system rolled on smoothly.

Misfortune struck when man gave undue importance to carnality, made it an addiction and like addicts made a mountain out of this molehill. When this belief reached mischievous heights in the medieval times of cultural downfall, then it brought forth unforeseen consequences. When defiance rode high then man thought of exploiting the temporary weakness of the woman during pregnancy. The physical weakness and inability to produce during the days of pregnancy were blown out of proportions and woman was taught to remain a slave to man, follow him blindly and be satisfied with the food and shelter provided to her in return. By and large, her ambitions to ascend were suppressed and the thoughts of equality with man be buried. She was supposed to expect nothing from man except what is needed for basic survival. The logic given was that when the primary responsibility of reproduction has been laid on her then she must accept it as her destiny and remain content.

The logic sounded convincing and it was adopted as a tradition. The leash continued to be tightened until woman remained only a medium for sexual satisfaction of man.

This leash was tightened both from outside and from within. Externally, she was confined within the house walls and made to hide inside a veil. She was restricted from moving around alone. Terming this bondage as the curse of being a woman, she was forced by the male dominated society to live a disdainful life. Inhuman customs such as committing sati, shaving off/tonsuring the head, begging at the shrines etc., were initiated as these traditions helped the family members to get rid of the responsibility of supporting the widow and also, helped keep the widow away from laying claims to her husband’s property.

From the inside, woman was weakened to such an extent that she starting believing herself to simply be an object of desire and busied herself in putting on make-up and in looking more attractive and seductive. She started shunning hard labour in order to avoid its adverse impact on her tenderness and beauty. She started believing that her welfare was in dressing up like dolls and attracting her husband.

After this noose was tightened around her from both outside and inside, woman became crippled and helpless. She was brought to a situation where she was completely dependent on man. When this became a custom and the environment got tuned according to this belief then who could show resistance against it? How could anyone dare go against the tide? Men saw their benefits in this tradition. After all, they were getting maids in return for basic food, water and clothes. Why would they let the situation change? Women too had no other resort. By the time women reached the threshold of youth, they became mothers to many children. The upbringing of these children was so difficult that a mother was incapable of handling them alone. This gave rise to a tradition that is still being followed. Women in many parts of the world have remained dependent on their providers like a pet animal depends on its owner.

Even in the modern era of intellectual ascent and civilization, in several societies, especially in the developing and under developed world, she has no right to think of her development. She is not allowed to even express desire for independence. She is left to survive like a piece of rotting garbage and has to bury her desire for respect to some remote corner of her heart. What respect does a slave need? When there is enough food to fill the stomach and clothes to cover the body then why long for love and respect?

While there is some difference in the state of a woman in developed and developing nations, it is fundamentally identical. In developing or underdeveloped nations, she is under tremendous pressure and has to spend her days in a state of helplessness. In developed nations, she is encouraged to become more attractive and seductive so that she starts giving greater importance to comforts and glamour, and, on her own, feels tempted to earn the man’s favour. The result of the temptation is that she can be seen exposing her body a lot more and attracting the onlookers. This rising enthusiasm has created an ambience, especially in the developed world where coyness, which was once an asset of the woman, is hardly seen anywhere. Sometimes under the tag of ‘bold and beautiful’, sometimes of the glamour of ‘models of commercial advertisements’, she is being exploited or letting herself so in several ways in ultra modern societies.

This is not development. It is a pitiable expression of lack of self-respect. In both the developed and the developing nations, the women have their own unique plights and compulsions.

Courtesy: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Dr. Pranav Pandya

The Gentle Animal

Eyes are one of the precious gifts to a mankind or every living being. For human eyes to see an object certain distance is required. To be precise, and as mentioned somewhere else, the minimum distance should be 15 centimetres. The man has to ensure just one thing – the 15-centimetre distance should be maintained in objects only. In relationship one should forget the distance and come as close as possible, so that one can’t see the evils in the person they love, the person they die for, the person with whom they share their feelings, their emotions, the first person they think of in the time of distress, without being selfish. And s/he gives you the most genuine advice. Prabhu has been such a person in my life.

Friendship with Prabhu takes me to the April of 1991. ‘Lollypop’ introduced me to him at the roof of my house in the darkness of load shedding era, for he too got admitted to the same college in eleventh and was alone in his group who braved to join the commerce stream. I never imagined this pajama-clad six feet tall, an introvert guy with thin hairs could become my bestie in the times to come. And today and every day I offer my thanks to God, whatever He does, does for our best; that’s different we aren’t wise enough to understand his doings. Prabhu is a diamond among other precious stones in my box of friends.

The golden days of college, we had spent together. Going to college, spending summer days playing carrom board at his home, evenings having samosas with most authentic mustard sauce at Sadhu’s Dhaba, attending tuition classes and sitting for joint studies till late night during exams. and watching movies first day first show. On those other days when our intellect scratched, we would attend quizzes, dramas, did social work under the banner of our own founded short-time NGO, discussed career, further studies etc. And after completing graduation, one fine day, Prabhu shifted to Delhi for his MBA in Marketing and HR.

After moving to Delhi Prabhu transformed into a great personality. Apart from a great dressing sense, he evolved himself like Siddhu. From a person of few words, he became a non-stop chatter and extremely social. Though being in many circles, he never falls for any bad habits.

Prabhu was a serious studious guy. During his MBA all his classmates were in ‘relationship’ and his young blood forced him to try to fall in love. So, the desperate Prabhu thought of proposing the soberest girl of his class. One blessed day he saw Jyoti writing something in his notepad in the empty classroom. Our guy gathered courage, find a place beside her and entered into a conversation: “Hi Jyoti, what’s up?”. “Writing a letter to my boyfriend” there came the reply. Boyfriend?! The second and last hope of the poor guy went into the drain. He first attempted to hand over a ‘love letter’ during teenage to his neighbour Swati and her lawyer grandfather called on him on Holi and taught him all the ‘rules’ of being a good neighbour. The grandpa was his father’s acquaintance, and he thought to give ‘aahuti’ (sacrifice) of Swati.

While I used to advice my other friends on ‘any’ matter, I looked up to Prabhu in my personal matters. So, when I shifted to Delhi he was an extremely good support. Despite his extremely busy schedule, we somehow find time to hang out late at night and have fun. Whenever we didn’t feel like cooking we used to call any of friend, neighbour and ask them to invite us for dinner. He commands such an excellent PR. The most suffered one of his such PR was his landlady.

But time flies at a greater speed than the jet. Prabhu got transferred at many places including Patna, Indore, Ranchi, Lucknow and Hyderabad for a brief period. Now he is in Patna having his share of fun with family, friends, fans and followers. After 24 years of friendship, he is still the same person: gentle, down to earth, amicable and loveable. Being with a personality like his is a bliss.

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! SEVEN
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.

Quintessence of Love

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She wrapped her tears, locked the kisses;
sent an empty letter along with a rose,
and wishes.

He touched the petals, thinking of her cheeks;
and placed the flower on his dry lips.

The thorn pierced. Blood oozed here. Brought a drop there,
in his lady’s eye.
The obsession for love compelled him to fly.

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The Chattintelligent!

Have you ever rediscovered a friend in someone? Or have you been acquaintance with someone for years and one fine day you felt your understanding; your bonding with the person is just perfect; without any expectations. The selfless friendship. Just for the sake of happiness, to spend those precious moments of conversation, sharing, accompanying, motivating and boosting morale. The true friendship begins on such note of selfless admiration. Respecting others’ opinion while placing your own without being judgemental. The opinions might differ, but the heart must speak the same language; the language of love, friendship.

Though I believe in not affixing an adjective to friend; yet the one whom we mention as ‘close friend’, in reality, is the only friend; rest all are either acquaintances or contacts. Aakash is such a close friend of mine. One of the oldest and finest gem. Initially, he was just a common friend; our friendship escalated after my return from Kolkata. Soon after final examination of graduation, all the guys within our circle left for further studies; only two of us were left in distance view.

During those days, Aakash was involved with proxy writing business of competitive exams. Since he was a brilliant student – an expert in English and aptitude test called reasoning – his so-called clients trusted him a lot. I personally advised him to try his luck too for a successful career, but he never paid heed to it. He always believed he is cut out for bigger things. Few of his clients joined different fields; like PO in PSU Banks, Officer in Railways and SSC etc.

We used to spend almost whole day together, gossiping, planning our future, engaged in doing some weird things, hanging out, and a lot many other things we thought could be fun at that point of time. Once on a summer afternoon, we decided to go to Nepal. Birganj was nearest Indo-Nepal border from Patna and people visit the place to buy foreign stuff which was not available in India then. We reserved our seats in a night bus, came back home and left after dinner in pyjamas and slippers – for we were to buy all the stuff like jeans, tees, shoes etc.; and since the cops would not allow carrying things beyond a certain amount we decided to wear all of them.

We appeared for our first interview together, at a five-star hotel, for the post of Medical Representative (MR) of a multi-national company. I made three mistakes in pronouncing the name of medicine, and eliminated in the second round while Aakash was selected and called for a third and final round to Varanasi. We went there together by 4:30 am train on a military discount pass he had arranged for both way journey. We visited Kashi Vishwanath and Sankat Mochan Temples and then in the second-half reached the interview spot. The return train was at 10:00 pm so we freaked out and exhausted all our energy. In the train, we didn’t have the berth, approached TTE who asked us to relax on his designated berth. The train moved and after an hour or so as we felt sleepy the giant-shaped gentleman appeared before us grinning, “bachcha log ab apne chachaa ko sone dijiye” [kids, let your uncle sleep now].  We fumed but were helpless to do anything.

Later, Akash completed his one-month training in Chennai and returned after the third day of job in Varanasi. We did our Amway business together; researched on advertising business; attended internship programme at a newly opened advertising agency in Delhi which I joined and he ditched. Aakash stayed there and tried his luck in a number of businesses and one fine day he called me from an unknown number. He was in Delhi. Then for over two months my schedule was to catch-up with him on my return journey from office, do gossip, have snacks, juices; stuffed ‘parathas’ for dinner at near IIT gate and took him along at my place, just to drop him in the morning on my way to the office. Later he moved with me and joined a job in BPO. He celebrated my birthday for three full months, till January.

There are innumerable things we did together at different stages of time. I advised him on many a thing in almost for all businesses he got himself involved with. Aakash was not an escape-goat to avoid them, but he was having compelling excuses for everything he would not intend to do. Still, whenever we touch base our conversation goes for as long as four hours. And that too over the phone!

The last discussion I had with him was his inclination of writing a book which I promised to promote. I am not sure how serious he was, yet there are an endless discussion, advises and planning we had done and could do together. His kind of expert comments and opinions are a never to miss kind of original form of creativity. However, I personally believe, he is wasting his talent by falling for moolah!!

The Friend’s Wednesday Series – No Pun Intended! SIX
The person portrayed above is real life character. The name has been changed to protect the identity.